LEC GROUP Wood chip export project

lecvietnam – On November 5, 2020, LEC Group held the opening ceremony of the wood chip export project. Based on the strength of logistics infrastructure and more than 1 million square meters of ports and warehouses throughout Vietnam, LEC Group is ready to enter the export market with wood chips with development potential. and expanding into new markets outside China such as Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. 

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 Wood material has bought from planted forests of forestry companies or households  by LEC Group’s professional quality inspectors with expertise in wood material products. After take cover of wood tree out by machine, material wood will be processed  into wood chip  at this time. The screening machine will select and classify wood chips according to the size we require. Wood chips with right size, satisfactory will be conveyed by the conveyor system to the yards according to a pre-programmed process.Wood chips not the right size will be returned to the wood chipping machine to be reprocessed to standard size and then transferred back to the yards. Wood chips with small size and bark left over will be transferred to  another private yard. Wood chips stored at the yard until enough quantities for an order will be loading on the vessel at our Port in Phu My, Vung Tau  after through the process of checking the dryness of wood chips according to prescribed standards follow terms has signed on the sales contract. 

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 It can be said that wood chips are grown and produced in Vietnam a lot, especially in areas such as the Central, East and North … Over the past years, Vietnam’s wood chips have always increased. record in output and to be the world leader in exports. 

 The research team of Forest Trends, Vietnam Timber and Forest Products Association, Binh Dinh Timber and Forest Products Association, HCMC Association of Handicraft and Wood Industry and Wood Processing Association have just completed the report ” Why is Vietnam’s woodchip industry developing? “. Based on the data on exported wood chips collected from the statistics of the General Department of Customs, the report states that up to now, wood chip processing and exporting industry (called chip industry for short) has become an important component of the wood industry ecosystem. 

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 On average, each year, chip exports bring about 1.5 billion USD, accounting for 15-18% of the total export value of wood products of Vietnam. The annual quantity of chip exports is about 12 million tons, equivalent to 24 million cubic meters of raw log timber input.

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