Vinawood MDO plywood film faced Plywood application
Introduction to Formwork Plywood
Film Faced Plywood used in Formwork application

Film Faced Plywood is a type of plywood with a protective coating made of resin-treated paper applied during manufacturing. This makes the surface impervious to mold, chemicals, liquids, and fungi. VINAWOOD's Vietnam plywood is specially designed for centering and shuttering thanks to its specially processed wood plates.

To put it another way, it can help keep building expenses down. Made from layers of veneer coated in resin and then pressed together, our Vietnam plywood has several uses. It has become the go-to material for outdoor and indoor settings with such versatility.

Our Vietnam plywood is widely recognized as the best available. Our products, like shuttering plywood, are put through rigorous quality requirements set up by the company to guarantee their high standard. Vietnam film faced plywood from VINAWOOD is built to last and function well in any environment.

Our Versatile Vietnam Film Faced Plywood Has Various Applications

Vietnam Film faced plywood from VINAWOOD is highly durable thanks to the company's attention to detail. Water and corrosion do not seem to affect it at all. Waterproof paint can be applied to the edges to prevent any deterioration from moisture. It's useful for various settings, from building sites to storage facilities to railroad cars.

Our Vietnam film faced plywood is the best option for exterior uses, including truck floors and sidewalls, because of its low weight and high durability. Our Vietnam plywood is widely utilized in the agricultural sector because of its durability and resistance to harm. It also works wonderfully in the furniture business.

Film faced plywood is often known as "shuttering plywood" or "formwork plywood." The layer shields the plywood's core from moisture and other environmental hazards. VINAWOOD produces 9mm and 25mm thick platforms and different varieties of film-faced plywood.

A Wide Range Of Options Available

We have come this far with an unrivalled inventory of film faced plywood. We take great care to ensure that our products last and have the desired mechanical properties by constructing them following ISI standards. Our product's mechanical strength and dimensional rigidity result from careful manufacturing control. Our products, like formwork plywood, are used in various settings, including those requiring exceptional durability and safety, such as metro track construction, cooling towers, furniture, flyovers, shipbuilding, bridges, high-rise structures, and water tanks, and the like.

Different dimensions, polish levels, and designs are available at VINAWOOD. Our Vietnam plywood is superior to the competition because of its unique design, texture, high-end finishing, and durability.

Benefits Of Our Film Faced Plywood


VINAWOOD's Vietnam-facing plywood's strength is maximized by crossing adjacent sheets in both directions. Plywood's strength increases significantly when veneer or another ornamental material is affixed to its cross-layered surface using strong adhesives.


To put it simply, our Vietnam plywood is lighter than regular lumber. That makes it a better material for making a wide variety of furniture. It can be used for more purposes than traditional wood, which is too heavy for many industrial uses.

Non-Splitting Qualities

Although wood is durable, it tends to splinter down the grain under extreme strain. Our plywood has a cross-layered construction that allows it to withstand more force and provides for nailing or screwing around the edges without cracking.

Creating Curved Surfaces

Our Vietnam film faced plywood can be more easily shaped into curved forms or buildings than solid wood. Compared to our plywood, the results of chiseling wood to create curved surfaces are never as smooth. There is irregularity around the perimeter. But, our plywood may be molded into any form. That makes it very versatile.

Safe For The Environment And Helps Slow Deforestation

Plywood from our company has the added benefit of conserving wood resources because a smaller amount of log is needed to produce the same amount of plywood as solid wood. Our plywood is highly environmentally friendly because we don't use any toxic chemical-based adhesives.


The veneer or laminate compliments the original plywood surface and can significantly increase the product's aesthetic value. The veneer's symmetrical pattern adds to its aesthetic value.

Versatility and Ease of Use

The surface of our plywood is uniform and smooth. Therefore, it resists the attachment of foreign substances. In addition, the dust can be removed quickly and easily with a damp or dry cloth, depending on how much dirt has gathered.

Water-Resistance Ability

We know our Vietnam film faced plywood is effective at repelling water since it was used to make the boards used in dam construction. It is impervious to the corrosive effects of moisture and is also resistant to damage from snow and hail.


VINAWOOD's film-faced plywood is built to last. The outer coating is specially designed to withstand the elements and repeated use. In the end, its quality of life is improved.

Why Choose Us?


VINAWOOD is committed to providing the highest level of service possible. As a company, we consistently enhance our quality management practices. Our products like shuttering plywood are made using only the finest materials and the most cutting-edge machinery in the industry today. We offer formwork plywood of the highest quality, known for its superior gloss, longevity, and finish.


The VINAWOOD brand is synonymous with high-quality goods offered at competitive costs. Consistent with market demands, we provide a diverse catalog of goods, each reasonably priced given its inherent value. Through the optimization of process parameters, we aim to supply our clients with products that are both affordable and of high quality.

Unmatched service

VINAWOOD's extensive logistical infrastructure guarantees timely material availability anywhere we do business. Our support staff will handle a problem quickly and efficiently if a customer ever has a problem.

Product Features

Our plywood is made from premium raw materials, has excellent flatness, a strong bonding force, a tight core structure, and is corrosion resistant, all of which contribute to the growth of your company's brand.


We are trustworthy, competent, aggressive, motivated to improve, and committed to keeping our word. To put it simply, we enjoy dealing with folks just like us. We consider your achievement to be our own. Our success is tied to yours. We'll do what you tell us to do once you place an order. When you have an issue, rest confident that it will be addressed immediately.

Active Communication and Fast Response 

At VINAWOOD, we understand that your time is more precious than ever in today's fast-paced world. That's why we are one of the best plywood suppliers in Vietnam. Our clients can call on us whenever they need us. To provide quick and correct product solutions, we adhere to the philosophy of clear and active communication.

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