Shuttering Plywood Suppliers in USA

Offering top-notch excellence and durability, shuttering plywood stays as one of the essential parts of any construction project, including bridge and flyover building. This article entails the best shuttering plywood suppliers in USA.

Shuttering Plywood Suppliers in USA

Let us dive into the details of all the best shuttering plywood suppliers in USA!


VINAWOOD is one of the leading shuttering plywood suppliers in USA, based in Vietnam. Due to the fine quality of their wood products, their regular customers belong to around 35 different countries. First-world countries like the USA, Canada, and South Korea import from this company. 

They have installed a 10-step manufacturing process starting from harvesting and ending at the strict inspection of the product. Their professional staff guarantees every step takes place effectively, leaving no room for mistakes. 

To increase the resistant properties of the shuttering plywood, they treat the edges with water-and wear-resistant paint. The resulting wood is smooth, robust, and sturdy. 

2- United Timber Works

Launched a few years ago, United Timber Works has emerged among the excellent shuttering plywood suppliers in USA. Every year, they make thousands of tons of plywood and deliver it to the national and international market. Due to the intensely strong properties of their shuttering plywood, developers use it in the most exposed areas of a building. 

Moreover, this wood product is also used to make fire-resistant kitchens and furniture. The timber and veneer this company uses are of top-grade quality. Thus, the final shuttering plywood turns out to be excellent in toughness.

United Timber Shuttering Plywood Suppliers
United Timber Shuttering Plywood Suppliers

3- Royal Plywood Company

Royal Plywood Company has become among the leading shuttering plywood suppliers in USA. The prime quality plywood delivered by this company is renowned around the world. Yes, the international customers swear by the quality of the products by this company.

Plywood is mainly used in marine, dams, roofing, ceiling, kitchens, etc. These applications are due to the water-repellent and fire-resistant features of the plywood. This product can boost the endurance level of the construction project. Some developers have long-term contracts with this company due to their consistently delivering sound quality.

4- North America Plywood Corporation

North America Plywood Corporation is performing a great job in being one of the best shuttering plywood suppliers in USA. Its clientele belongs to different countries. It offers a wide variety in size, thickness, style, and type of plywood. No matter the kind of wood product you need, this company would be able to deliver to you.

Moreover, all plywood products are available for reasonable prices. The excellent technique involved in the manufacturing ensures the making of fine shuttering plywood. When it comes to meeting deadlines and delivering the finest quality, this company always succeeds.

5- Forest Plywood

For years, Forest Plywood has always maintained the credibility for delivering the most robust and powerful plywood. It is counted among those shuttering plywood suppliers in the USA that claim to use such materials to make plywood, which doubles the strength and durability of the final product. This claim stands true; the high number of customers is the evidence. 

To minimize the harm to the environment, they have employed eco-friendly techniques. Due to such methods, there is no wood wastage and minimum to no environmental damage. This company offers a vast spectrum of wood products, from shuttering plywood to whiteboards and many more.

6- Roseburg Forest Products

Roseburg Forest Products is another leading name in the shuttering plywood suppliers in USA. Being socially responsible, this company employs innovative methods to ensure the minimum harm to the environment. The best customer service gives free consultation sessions, so the buyers select the right plywood type.

This company offers such shuttering plywood, which is durable, strong, and has excellent workability. Developers can handle it with ease, thanks to the smoothness. Moreover, its reusability extends multiple times without losing its features and properties. The best thing about purchasing from this company is the financially reasonable prices.

roseburg forest products
Roseburg Forest Products

7- Universal Forest Products

Universal Forest Products is a great stop to purchase shuttering plywood from. The reasonable prices and wide variety in sizes and styles can help developers ace creative construction projects. 

Their shuttering plywood is strong, resilient, robust, and powerful. The resistance to fire, water, and fungus enhances the value of the construction projects. Moreover, the smoothness of the surface and edges offers easy handling and workability. 

The unparalleled quality of these shuttering plywood suppliers in USA results from suitable adhesives, strong woods, and innovative manufacturing methods.

8- Great Northern Lumber

The plywood manufactured by this shuttering plywood supplier in USA holds an important place in the building industry. Developers trust this brand for the features and properties of their wood products. The economically reasonable price range makes the deal ideal for the buyers. 

Moreover, they use factory-processed wood sheets. As a result, the dimensions, structure, and finish of the shuttering plywood turn out to be fine and beyond. The power of the product is evident in the fact that it can retain the flatness of the surface and durability even after multiple uses.

9- MarJam

MarJam is considered one of the most credible and authentic shuttering plywood suppliers in USA. They have emerged to hold this pedestal by offering high-quality wood products consistently for many years. 

Their plywood possesses good resistant properties to fungus, water, humidity, and extreme weather conditions. Due to such features, it is used to make vehicles, ships, bridges, flyovers, and residential projects. Despite the use in outdoor places, it is also used in kitchens due to its fire-resistant characteristics. The fine structure of the plywood is so compact that no external particle can enter the inside and cause infections.

MarJam Shuttering Plywood
MarJam Shuttering Plywood

The workability and reusability of this plywood are also impressive. You can use it multiple times, and it will still maintain the smoothness. Due to the intense internal structure, no cracks are likely to occur on the surface.

However, if you can export from other countries, choose VINAWOOD from Vietnam.

Final Words

The above-listed recommended shuttering plywood suppliers in USA are true to their claims. However, if you want the best results out of this plywood, choose VINAWOOD. This company exports to 35+ countries, including the USA.