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List of Plywood Suppliers in Canada

Film Faced Plywood Suppliers in Canada

Are you looking for the best film faced plywood suppliers in Canada? If yes, this article is the way to go for you.

Film Faced Plywood Suppliers in Canada

Let us find the details of the best manufacturers and film faced plywood suppliers in Canada below!

1- Thomes Canada

Thomes Canada took no time in reaching the list of leading film faced plywood suppliers in Canada after its launch. Though situated in Canada, it exports to other countries in the United States. It has significantly emerged technology-wise during all the years spent in serving the finest forest products like plywood. Today, it employs the latest machinery and techniques for high-quality plywood.

This company owns acres of forest land and uses its wood for plywood manufacturing. Despite film faced plywood, it also makes birch plywood, aircraft birch plywood, etc.

Thomas Canada Film Faced Plywood Suppliers
Thomas Canada Film Faced Plywood Suppliers


ADTO Mall plywood manufacturers from Canada take plywood making seriously and the environment. They aim at using such techniques that are healthy for the environment and sustainability. The raw material this company uses is of excellent quality and can make the final product of great quality.

It is one of the best film faced plywood suppliers in Canada, and the plywood offered by this company is of various grades, styles, kinds, thicknesses, and sizes. As a result, you can choose the one perfectly suitable for your construction project. Not only is their film faced plywood durable but also aesthetically appealing. Moreover, it is also workable and easy to handle.

3- Millennium Plywood

Millennium Plywood comes under the remarkable film faced plywood suppliers in Canada. It has long-term contracts with famous brands. Also, it shows the credibility and authenticity of the company. Famous for the premium plywood, this company also delivers to the international market. It knows with subtly what exactly developers need.

As a result, their products are as per the demand of a building project. Their film faced plywood has good features of an ideal product, making workability and usability the easiest for contractors.

Their plywood is used in various projects such as in commercial and residential buildings, in ship and furniture making, etc. The central region it exports to is the United Arab Emirates.

4- Timber Terminal International

Timber Terminal International is the following recommendation for the best Film Faced Plywood suppliers in Canada. The top-notch plywood produced by this company is available in different sizes and types. Due to the characteristics of their plywood, developers from around the world use their products in a variety of projects, from commercial buildings to vehicles, furniture, residential, etc.

The best thing about this company is that while it makes premium products, it does not neglect the environment. Yes, the techniques and methods of this company do minimum to zero harm to the environment.

5- Exotic Stone Wood Flooring

Exotic Stone Wood Flooring is another Canadian Film Faced Plywood manufacturing and supplying company. Its clients belong to different countries. The main products provided by this company include domestic hardwood, click vinyl flooring, film faced plywood, etc. The offered products are used in furniture making, cabinet making, and other building projects like commercial areas.

It has been years since this company served nothing but quality and fineness. The annual quantity of plywood made by it is also huge, due to the returning clients. Thanks to their consistency in maintaining the quality of the products being delivered. All these properties make it one of the best film faced plywood suppliers in Canada.

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Exotic Stone Wood Flooring
Exotic Stone Wood Flooring

6- Ekan Concepts

Ekan Concepts is considered one of the ideal film faced plywood suppliers in Canada and the international market. What sets this company apart from others is that it is always striving. It never sticks to one method and keeps coming up with new techniques. The innovation and advancement make production better and reduce the harm to the environment.

The expert engineers, designers, and quality inspectors ensure the making of plywood goes as expected. They constantly test products before sending them for distribution. The price range is also reasonable, yet the quality is the best.

7- Pristine International Limited

Pristine International Limited comes under the best manufacturing companies and film faced plywood suppliers in Canada, serving for many years now. It successfully made its name prominent in the wood industry for its quality, durability, and on-time delivery. Even the international market buys from this company. Other than film faced plywood, it also produces different types of plywood products.

Their wood items are used in the floors, roofs, ceilings, and other building projects. The offered plywood is easy to handle, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Since it has always met the attached expectations, developers keep returning to them repeatedly.

8- Weston Premium Woods

Weston Premium Woods is one of the leading names of the film faced plywood suppliers in the Canadian manufacturing industry. Serving the international market, it stands apart from other plywood makers. The finely crafted products by this company hold an important place in the construction industry.

The portfolio extends to different projects such as fire-resistant kitchen cabinet making etc. The professional team ensures that each step of the making goes up to the mark, leaving no room for mistakes.

Before they send the batches for distribution, the inspecting staff tests each bath for durability, strength, smoothness, and defects.

Weston Premium Woods
Weston Premium Woods

Bonus Tip: Editors Choice of the Best Film Faced Plywood Company

A company based in Vietnam proves to be the best version of a Plywood Company. From manufacturing methods to customer service, everything is avant-garde. Let us find out about this company below!


VINAWOOD is a plywood supplying company from Vietnam. It exports to 35+ different countries like the USA and Canada as well.

It is one of the ideal film faced plywood suppliers serving various plywood types for almost 30 years. The innovative techniques ensure the minimum harm to the environment and produce the finest wood product. The harvested wood goes through 9 different steps before finally leaving for distribution as plywood. The expert staff conduct testing to check out any defects in the products. So, no compromise is made on the quality.

The Bottom Line – Film Faced Plywood Suppliers in Canada

Film faced plywood is one of the most vital forms of plywood. All above-mentioned film faced plywood suppliers in Canada can be trusted confidently. Choose the one as per your feasibility and requirements.