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What Are The Advantages Of Film Faced Plywood?

Film Faced Plywood

Film faced plywood is lightweight with exceptional ability to repel water, chemicals, corrosion, wear, and tear. The adhesive film coating sets this type of plywood apart from other kinds. The film is usually in brown or black color. There is no such difference between both color coatings.

You can get it from any Vietnam Plywood Exporters if from this country. Below is a complete demonstration of this plywood, its benefits, and its uses.

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What is film faced plywood (phenolic faced plywood)?What does “film faced” mean?

Film-faced plywood (phenolic faced plywood) is a durable exterior-grade plywood used in construction. Its film coating offers superior resistance to moisture, abrasion, and fungal attacks compared to ordinary plywood.

Film-faced plywood, also known as phenolic plywood, is a special type of plywood with both sides coated with a wear-resistant, waterproof film. This film protects the wood from harsh environmental conditions and extends the plywood’s service life.

Firstly, it is moisture resistant. Moreover, it can endure or deal with fungus, chemical degradation, and abrasion. Due to such qualities, even heavy ultraviolet rays or extreme weather conditions like snow/wind can do no wrong to this plywood. These features are usually hard to find in plywood except for film faced plywood.

Moreover, film faced plywood possesses acrylic varnished edges that boost its durability. As a result, it does not distort or tear in harsh environments. It is perfect for outdoor application. If your project situates at a place prone to direct sunlight, you cannot go wrong with this type of plywood. Even if you do not choose it as the significant material, use it as a part of the overall composition.

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Film Faced Plywood and Its Advantages
What is Film Faced Plywood

Film faced plywood can have a variable thickness ranging from 12mm, 15mm up to 27mm. You can select the measurement as per your needs.

Advantages of Film Faced Plywood – What are the benefits of film faced plywood?

Film faced plywood has several uses in the construction industry. Developers prefer it for its strength and durability. Below are the primary advantages of this plywood. Let us find out more!

1- The construction industry

Builders use film faced plywood in the framework of a building. Because this plywood is strong, durable, and resistant to water, UV rays, and degrading chemicals, it can make an ultimate strong base of a building. No matter what the building is, it can do a great job, especially in the exterior parts of the house.

Shuttering boxes are an integral part of any construction project. They smoothen the concrete surface and help it adjust during the drying process. Developers prefer film faced plywood shuttering boxes to perform well despite the intense sunlight. Moreover, you can use these more than once before replacing them. So, it offers better functionality while saving your money.

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2- Industrial Applications

Film faced plywood has good quality and useful features like being lightweight. Excellent hardwood and glue are usually used in the making of this plywood. Due to these ingredients, the final plywood is free of defects and chemical-resistant.

Another name of film faced plywood is Water-Boiled Plywood. As the name predicts, you can boil it for 20 – 60 hours in water with no lamination. Its industrial uses include building ships, boats, or ship parts.

Despite shipbuilding, it is also used in dams to make girder molding boards. The water-resistant quality of the plywood is what makes it eligible for dams. As a result, these boards can deal with a heavy amount of high-pressure water. The maintenance tasks of dams also involve the usage of this plywood.

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3- Shelves and Furniture Making

Since film faced plywood constitutes beneficial technical characteristics, it is suitable for making shelves and furniture. It can resist wear and tear and thus, contribute to the longer life of the furniture.

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Furniture Making
Furniture Making

Usually, the furniture color fades, or the outer coating dusts off with time. But with the film coating of the film faced plywood, the color of the furniture can be well-maintained. The film is available in many colors and textures. There are bright colors, dark ones, and grainy textured surfaces available for you to choose from.

4- Flooring Material for Vehicles and Platforms

Film faced plywood exists in two types: anti-slip film faced plywood, and smooth film faced plywood. The building of floorings for platforms, trucks, and vehicles are made of anti-slip plywood.

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Benefits of Film Faced Plywood

As mentioned above, there are many benefits of film faced plywood. Below, we talk about the most important ones.

1- Versatility

This type of plywood offers a lot of versatility. Despite the construction and industrial use, it can also pull off furniture. Moreover, it is not limited to outdoor applications; there are many instances that you can use it indoors, such as cupboard building, shelve making, etc.

2- Cheaper Rate, High Functionality

Construction companies are not always given a fancy budget. Clients want good-quality products at reasonable prices. Film faced plywood can accompany builders because they are cheaper in price and expensive in functionality in comparison. Depending on the product, you can use it multiple times before finally replacing it. Especially the Vietnam Plywood offers credible performance per reasonable rates.

3- Durability

Film faced plywood is exceptionally durable. The special coating on the outside enhances its ability to endure wear and tear. It ultimately has a longer quality of life.

4- Water-Resistance Ability

Film faced plywood being used in making the boards for dams is evidence of its good moisture repellent quality. Rain, snow, hail, nothing can cause dents or dings on it.

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Water Resistance Ability
Water Resistance Ability

5- Easy Workability

This type of plywood is smooth and plain on the surface. As a result, external elements cannot stick to it firmly. Moreover, you can easily clean the accumulated dust in little time, with a damp cloth or even a dry one, depending on the amount of dirt.

Is phenolic plywood good for flooring?

Phenolic plywood is highly suitable for flooring due to its exceptional wear and abrasion resistance, making it ideal for high-traffic areas.

Phenolic plywood for construction:

  • Durability: Known for its strong, durable properties.
  • Water Resistance: Offers excellent resistance to moisture, making it suitable for environments exposed to water.
  • Wear Resistance: Highly resistant to wear and abrasion, making it perfect for floors and walls in high-traffic areas.
  • Applications: Commonly used in flooring, walls, formwork, and various industrial applications due to its robust performance and longevity.

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Is phenolic plywood good for flooring?

What is the difference between phenolic board and ordinary plywood?

Phenolic faced plywood is highly resistant to cracks, scratches, and splitting thanks to their synthetic coating. It is fire-resistant too and is not prone to rotting, which makes it better than plywood.

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You can use film faced plywood in literally any construction project. Best for outdoor applications, it is strong and durable. It can be local or imported. The plywood supplier from Vietnam offers the best quality product so that you can trust them. VINAWOOD is one of the best plywood Vietnam exporters.

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