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Where to Buy Film Faced Plywood - Top 8 Plywood Suppliers

Where to Buy Best Vietnam Film Faced Plywood - Vietnam Plywood Supplier

Introduction: From Where to Buy Film Faced Plywood

People often ask where to buy film faced plywood worldwide. So, if you are also looking for the best film faced plywood supplier, this article is dedicated to you. It includes recommendations from where you can buy high-quality film faced plywood.

Film Faced Plywood Suppliers

Let’s look at the list of the top plywood exporters from where to buy film faced plywood worldwide, serving internationally.

1- Weyerhaeuser Company, The United States

Since its launch in 1900, Weyerhaeuser Company has been considered the best plywood manufacturer and supplier. Its headquarters are in Seattle, The United States. It has been more than a hundred years since this company served forest products such as film faced plywood. It has millions of acres of forest land in its ownership.

Other than plywood, it also supplies lumber, MDO plywood, fiberboard, OSB, etc. Moreover, it sells decorative veneers in residential and commercial buildings with numerous uses.

2- Jaya Tiasa

This company from Malaysia keeps its focus on sustainability and the environment. It owns vast forest land and uses it to recreate, conservatively, and develop economic and renewable wood products. The products of this business can be of different sizes, types, and grades, ultimately giving you variety in choices.

Plywood Manufacturers
Plywood Manufacturers

You can choose film faced plywood of the desired weight and aesthetic appearance. Furthermore, this company has contracts with top-notch developers for flexible and high-quality plywood. So, it proves to be the best Malaysian company from where to buy film faced plywood.

3- Millennium Plywood, Canada

Millennium Plywood is a Canadian Plywood supplying and manufacturing company. It is famous worldwide for the best quality construction and building material, so without any doubt, you can consider it the best Canadian company from where to buy film faced plywood. No business knows your needs better than Millennium Plywood regarding interior infrastructure.

Developers from across the world import their products for commercial and marine use. Its products include film-faced plywood, MDF board, shuttering plywood, underlayment products, and more relevant items. It operates universally and exports to many countries, including The United Arab Emirates.


HOKUSAN is a global plywood manufacturer and supplier. It has more than a hundred available species and makes around one million square meters of veneer every month. It produces top-notch plywood. Veneer with different types of backing such as plywood, glass, plastic, iron, etc., is also its specialty.

You can find the products of this company around the world in train cabins, ships, symphony halls, offices, musical instruments, electronic equipment, and many more things.

What sets this company apart is that it has around 200% more yield per log than most other companies globally. As a result, it has minimum impact on the environment.

5- GreenPly Industries

GreenPly is a Chinese company exporting plywood to the world. Their products include bamboo strips, hardboard sheets, MDF board panels other than film faced plywood. Its products have uses in the production of furniture and other decoration items.

Greenply Film Faced Plywood
Greenply Film Faced Plywood

Serving since the 2000s, this company produces around one lac cubic meters of the product per year. Most of the countries that import from it include Korea, Japan, and New Zealand.

It has advanced equipment and machinery to make the best possible quality plywood from where to buy film faced plywood.

6- Century Plyboards

Century Plyboards is an old company serving film-faced plywood and other products since 1984. Based in Singapore, this company exports to many countries throughout the world. The best thing about it is that it constantly strives to develop innovative ways to impact the environment negatively.

As a result, it successfully contributes to sustainability and better care for products. It has expert engineers, QC inspectors, and Designers employed for the best possible results.

Moreover, it follows strict measures regarding the quality of the products. You can get products for affordable plywood prices without ever compromising quality.

7- MKTI / Millennium Kertasindo Tbk

MKTI is an Indonesian company offering the best plywood for almost 50 years. It is one of the great plywood companies in Asia. The finely crafted and produced wood products are exported to different countries worldwide. The type of products it makes includes OSB, XLLG, and other items involved in construction products.

Its significant contribution is to the flooring and roofing part of any construction project. Even though it is pretty old yet, it never stops improving its methods and technologies. It is one of the reasons why successful contractors trust this plywood brand.


VINAWOOD is the best plywood supplier and exporter in Vietnam. It is the best place from where to buy film faced plywood. Around 35 countries, including The United Arab Emirates, US, and Canada, import from this company.

This 30-year-old plywood manufacturing company focuses on innovative ways of woodcutting that would have minimal effect on the environment. Moreover, its primary goal is to make acceptable items that live a longer, healthier life and look aesthetically pleasing.


Its team consists of about 700+ experts who spend days and nights producing superb products. Making 250+ containers of plywood every month, this company ensures the customer’s absolute satisfaction with the product.

The above eight plywood suppliers are the ideal ones from where to buy the film faced plywood. Now, we should move forward to the next step!

How to Select the Best Plywood Supplier?

It is better to research and have a clear sense of plywood you want than to end up getting the wrong product. Here are a few factors that can help you choose the supplier that can best meet your needs and where to buy film faced plywood.

1- Know Your Requirements

First, identify where you will be using the film faced plywood. Depending on the domain, decide the grades, thickness, and properties of the plywood you want.

2- Research the Supplier

Check their online presence, check in the store, and determine if their portfolio meets your demands. Read customer reviews under their posts and confirm if they offer what they claim.

3- Testing

Most of the developers/contractors hesitate to ask for testing reports. But this is so essential plus; it is the responsibility of the supplier to give you testing results. For example, you could detect if the product claimed to be substantial cracks in response to minor pressure or not.

Conclusion: From Where to Buy Faced Plywood

Film Faced Plywood has numerous uses in the construction and industrial marketplace. Choosing the right supplier from where to buy film faced plywood can benefit you in the long term. Because this plywood, if in the best possible quality, can be used multiple times before replacing it. All the companies mentioned above export to different countries, you can choose one, depending on your needs and geography.