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20 Best Plywood Brands In India (2024)

20 Best Plywood Brands In India (2024)

Discover the Top 20 Plywood Brands in India for 2024! Whether you’re embarking on a home renovation project or undertaking commercial construction, choosing the right plywood is crucial for ensuring quality, durability, and aesthetics. Our curated list features the most trusted and renowned plywood brands in India, known for their superior craftsmanship, innovative technology, and commitment to excellence. From moisture-resistant plywood for kitchens and bathrooms to fire-retardant options for added safety, these brands offer a wide range of products to suit every need. Explore the best plywood brands in India and elevate your next project with confidence and reliability.

Plywood is one of the most essential building tools out there which can be used in numerous ways. In our daily life, plywood plays a very versatile role in building Homes, Offices, Constructions, Furniture, etc. Therefore, you might have to make a fair investment in it. Just like cement, steel, bricks, and other construction materials, you need to take care of the plywood that you are purchasing. You have to make sure that it turns out to be the best that you can get your hands on.

SRG Plywood – Plywood Brands In India

SRG Plywood produces signature products such as SRG Club, SRG Premium, SRG Captor, SRG Wistara, SRG Flexi Ply, SRG Décor, and SRG Shuttering Plywood.

They are manufactured from the best quality Gurjan Woods and Tropical Hard Woods – both of which offer high stiffness and high strength. Every one of them comes with special features and technical specifications.

They are used extensively in commercial and domestic settings. All the SRG products are certified as per the eminence excellences of ISO 9001 & 14001, ISI 1659, ISI 2202, ISI 303, ISI 1328, ISI 4990 and ISI 710.

They have an entire team of skilled and dedicated professionals who diligently work day and night to certify supreme quality products. Moreover, SRG Plywood offers a wide range of products to its customers to improve the beauty of their infrastructure and meet every need.

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SRG Plywood - Plywood Brands In India
SRG Plywood – Plywood Brands In India

Wigwam Plywood Company

Wigwam Plywood Company is one of the leading brands in India that produces branded Plywood products.

This includes stuff like Block Boards, Flush Doors, Fire Retardant Panels, Hybrid Engineered Panels, Flexible Panels, Decorative panels, and Pre laminated Panels.

Wigwam Plywood Company started its long journey towards excellence fifteen years ago when Savitri Woods took it upon itself to venture into the supply of core veneers and other raw material in the plywood and panel industry.

Wigwam was launched in 2018 and declared the most preferred and premium national brand to provide anything and everything in plywood solutions by the end of the financial year of 2021.

Moreover, the speciality about this company is that it is one of the first brands in India to offer high-definition techno packed Ply-Board-Doors (PBD) solutions.

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Wigwam Plywood Company
Wigwam Plywood Company

Kamdhenu Plywood Brand

Kamdhenu Plywood Brand is considered to be a leading supplier in India of numerous building and construction materials. This includes stuff like TMT Steel, Structural Steel, Paints, Plywood, PVC Pipes, etc.

Their journey started on a very humble note with only a few localized clients. Their huge team of hard-working professionals stimulated the entire business process and works by using their creative ideas.

This helped them built a huge client base nationwide. With time, they grew up to become the most reputed exporter and supplier of the best quality construction material in India.

This included products like Commercial Plywood (both alternate and hardwood), Marine Plywood, Commercial Blockboard (Pine and Poplar), BWP Blockboard (Pine and Poplar), Flush Door, Film Faced Plywood, PVC/WPC Foam Board, Liner Laminates etc.

The common factor in these products is that they are all strong, long-lasting, modern, elegant, stable and high-end.

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Kamdhenu Plywood Brand
20 Best Plywood Brands In India

Oriental Veneer Products Ltd

Oriental Veneer Products Ltd is a public limited company which is promoted by the mithiborwala group. It has been over 30 years that this group is actively involved and engaged in the manufacture of wood-based resin-impregnated densified laminated boards.

It has a complete set up of Plant & Machinery for manufacturing the products. There is also available a fully-equipped laboratory that can be used not only for testing the complete products in-house but also for Research and Development activity of more than 6000 sq. feet.

Oriental Veneer Products Ltd is one of the first companies to provide Acosonic solutions for walls and ceilings with an emphasis on architectural acoustics, audio-visual and noise/vibration. This ensures that building interiors will not only look good but sound great.

Moreover, this can be treated as a big plus to design communities and the building ecosystems since end-users appreciate such spaces better.

Oriental Veneer Products Ltd
Oriental Veneer Products Ltd

Rushil Decor Limited

Rushil Decor Limited is one of the leading companies in Laminate and MDF panel boards industry in India with a worldwide footprint in and around 42 countries. It was founded in 1993 with a vision of giving life to a dream space.

Since then, the company has been a partner of choice for its discerning customers around the world. Rushil Decor Limited stands out because of its commitment to excellence and passion to bring to life designs where expertise meets art.

With 26 years of experience, it has created 4 business domains – VIR Laminate, VIR MDF, VIR Prelam MDF and VIR PVC.

VIR Laminate displays a huge array of designs and textures, a myriad range of colours and hues to make sure your home or workspace looks just as beautiful as you want it to be.

VIR MDF, a great alternative to solid wood, particleboard and plywood, brings the most cutting-edge designs to life. VIR Prelam MDF is available in a choice of contemporary finishes, convenient sizes and exquisite designs that gives you the freedom to create your signature style at home or work.

VIR PVC Boards come in a range of mood-enhancing colours that are also water-proof, termite-proof and fire-retardant.

Archidply Laminate Industries Ltd

Archidply Laminate Industries Ltd is one of the leading Plywood companies in India that claims innovation to be one of its most important assets. Since its inception in 1976, it has emerged as a winner in all its endeavours.

Archidply has sworn to bring about a much-needed revolution the Plywood manufacturing process. It walks hand-in-hand with the advanced times and procures high-quality raw materials, employing world-class technology and resources.

Archidply, successfully, manufactures top-quality Plywood, enabling customers to choose from a plethora of options. It has two major product categories – Plywood and Laminates – both of them produced in the same facility.

Archidply provides its customers with ample choices to help them attain the desired look. This includes 10 specialized laminate products with whopping 1000 designs and 50 textures, all coming in various sizes.

Moreover, Archidply Laminate Industries Ltd enjoys a wide customer base both in India and abroad with its first-ever toxin check technology plywood.

Archidply Laminate Industries Ltd
Archidply Laminate Industries Ltd

Timex Plywood Limited

Timex Plywood Limited was founded by Mr. Chapsi Gala in 1982. Ever since then, Timex has made its presence felt in homes, offices and commercial spaces all around the country.

They produce the best quality products in Veneers, Plywood, Laminate, ACP, Ceramics, Doors and more. Their customer base has only increased since its inception.

Timex is an ISO 9001:2015 standards, ISI certified, and FSC CoC Member. It is also a proud and humble member of the Green Building Council. Timex Plywood Limited consists of internationally trained professionals who have access to all the latest state-of-the-art technology.

This helps them churn out products that match global standards. These products include stuff like Doors, Plywood, Block Board and Door Frames. Among these, there are 11 types of doors and 8 types of plywood that Timex Plywood Limited specialises in.

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Swadesh Plywood Companies Ltd

Swadesh Plywood Companies Ltd specialise in eco-friendly plywood and boards. They are carefully manufactured with a healthy mix of 100% plantation timber and also some quantity of timber from the Burmese forests where the regular plantation is authorised by the local government.

This usage of eco-friendly plywood and boards ensures that there is no degradation of natural forests. It has continued to be one of the bests in its pursuit of being committed to the state of the art technology and continued innovation.

It produces products of exquisite quality to meet global standards. These products include 8 different kinds of doors and plywood. Moreover, they deliver these A-grade eco-friendly products to their customers at a fairly competitive price.

Anchor Plywood Brand

The journey of Anchor Plywood Brand starts with serving the rigorous requirements of the Indian Navy in the year of 1951. Since then it has remained India’s No. 1 Marine Plywood; much envied but never defeated.

Anchor Plywood Brand is known for its wide range of products, starting from Anchor shuttering plywood, Anchor Film faced Plywood, Anchor Fire Retardant Plywood to Anchor Aircraft Plywood.

They are used in extensive applications such as concrete shuttering and formwork in building construction, shipbuilding, railway coach construction, structural parts of aircraft, and furniture and building interior systems.

In 1973, Anchor developed new resin formulations using specific industrial waste products, and the first-ever veneered decorative plywood from reconstituted veneers using Indian commercial timbers.

It has also created the much-needed social awareness about the numerous factors which cause physical deterioration of wood-based panel products in service and how effective protection can be imparted to them.

In 1987, Anchor a plantation on 100 acres by forming a Joint Venture with the Karnataka State Forest Plantation Corporation.

In the present situation, Anchor has upgraded the quality of its plywood to be Boiling Water Resistant and borer-free. Moreover, its products include different kinds of plywood, doors, block boards and veneers.

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Anchor Plywood Brand

Western India Plywood Limited

Western India Plywood Limited was established in 1945. It started by manufacturing sawn timber and plywood on a modest scale with a few indigenous and lent-leased machinery.

Fortunately, the company made steady progress and over the years, the business expanded to its present stature. Today it is one of the biggest wood-based industrial integrated complexes in the country and also in South-East Asia with employee strength of 1200.

It produces products like plywood, hard boards, densified wood, furniture, wipress, wooden flooring and much more.

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Sim Ply Plywood Industries Ltd

Sim Ply Plywood Industries Ltd is one of the very few humble and modern family-owned enterprises that have done so well in this field. It was founded by Mr. Kassam Noor Merchant shortly after Indian independence in 1947.

It started by locally growing sawn timber but then expanded by introducing round Teak logs and other Hardwood from Burma (Myanmar) and West Africa in the Indian markets. It also started producing Gurjan logs, pure Gurjan plywood, flexiply and natural Teak veneers.

This helped them cater to the needs of local plywood manufacturers across India. They are equipped with organized, flexible and efficient warehouses in Mangalore. Presently, it produces products such as face veneers, 3 kinds of plywood, teak conversion and other species of wood.

Merino Laminates

Merino Laminates is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of decorative laminates for interiors and has global recognition of being a leader in the laminates and panel industry. Since its inception in 1974 with the launch of plywood, Merino Laminates has come a long way.

It possesses diverse business interests that expand from Interior Architectural products to Information Technology to Food & Agro products. It has its presence in over 80 countries that span across the five continents, thus giving them access to a worldwide customer base.

It has an employee strength of 4000+. Moreover, the products that it produces include different kinds of laminates, compacts, panels, plywoods and solid surfaces.

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Merino Laminates

Krishna Plywood

Krishna Plywood is a company based in Karur, Tamil Nadu. It is a group of manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of plywood, hardwood plywood, flush door, panel doors, skin door, checked plywood, standard hardboard, pre-laminated particle board, pre-laminated MDF particle board and HDF wooden flooring. It was established in 1984 and has grown into employee strength of 26 to 50 people.

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Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence is one of the rare companies that have carved a niche for themselves ever since they started in 2010. They produce products with uncompromising quality which is why their customers appreciate their services.

Sound of Silence is based in Maharashtra, India and working under the direction and leadership of Mr. Aliasgar Sajjad (Proprietor).

It has a team of experienced personnel with years of experience and profound knowledge of their respective domains. They produce mostly products like doors, partitions and sound masking systems.

Century Ply

Century Ply is a manufacturer of a wide range of products starting from Plywood, Block Boards, Doors, Laminates, PVC Boards, Veneers, Planks and MDF.

All of these products have won significant awards and certifications that have redefined Indian realty and brought about a paradigm shift in the concept of living spaces.

It came into existence in 1986 under the vision of Mr. Sajjan Bhajanka and Mr. Sanjay Agarwal. Since then it has been the largest seller of multi-use plywood and decorative veneers in the Indian organized plywood market.

The company has successfully created a niche for itself in the highly competitive lifestyle segment by producing Proof Plywood and Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) Decorative Veneers and Laminates in India. Moreover, Century Ply moves forward with the vision of integrity, customer focus and teamwork.

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Greenply is full of smart minds and dynamic personalities which is why it has a team of such individuals who have great management skills. It is because of them that Greenply has grown to be such an iconic brand in the plywood industry.

It all started with Mr. Rajesh Mittal taking the first step towards the introduction of plywood industries in India by setting up a saw-mill in 1984.

Today, Greenply has successfully launched its first Zero-emission plywood in India. It produces Plywood, Blockboards, Doors, Decorative Veneers and PVC products.

Kitply Industries Limited

Kitply Industries Limited is India’s foremost manufacturer of Plywood and Blockboard. It was established by Shri S.P. Goenka and Shri P.K. Goenka in 1982 in Assam, India.

Kitply’s branches and services are spread throughout the country with 5 factories and 16 Sales Offices. It has a workforce of about 1000+ employees who successfully cater to a nationwide distribution network of over 300+ vendors.

Since its inception, Kitply Industries Limited has been a trendsetter and important benchmark for the plywood and Blockboard industry with respect to its production processes.

Its commitment to environment-friendliness along with its high ethical standards in business dealings and its on-going efforts in community welfare programmes, Kitply has won acclaim as a responsible corporate citizen.

It has made significant contributions to the country building process by producing quality products, services and sharing its expertise. The various products that Kitply produces include long-lasting ply ranges, premium board ranges, laminates, designer door ranges and decorative veneer ranges.

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Kitply Industries Limited
Kitply Industries Limited

National Plywood Industries Ltd

National Plywood Industries Ltd is India’s premier manufacturer of plywood, block boards and flush doors. It is a company that shows the exceptional quality of products and unparalleled service to its distributors, dealers and customers alike.

It was established in the lush tea belt of Assam in 1951 as a tea chest manufacturer. Since then, it has been 6 decades and National Plywood Industries Ltd comes to represent a trusted brand with immaculate product integrity and market goodwill.

It follows a few important values in its dealings such as product integrity, adaptability, reliability and authenticity. It produces products such as Plywood, Block Boards, Flush Doors, Laminates and other traded products.


We hope that the above information allows you to get a glance at the best plywood brands available in the country. All of them have a diverse catalogue of products and a very satisfied customer base. So shoot your shot and go with the plywood brand that suits you the best.

Vietnam Plywood

Vietnam Film Faced Plywood