Introducing the VINAWOOD MDO 1S Panel, a single-sided medium density overlay (MDO) coated plywood designed to cater to your formwork needs. This cost-effective solution combines the benefits of a smooth, matte concrete surface without grain marks while maintaining its natural wood appearance on the other side. With up to 15 repetitions, the MDO 1S Panel is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized construction projects, ensuring efficient use and a professional finish. Experience the quality and affordability of VINAWOOD’s MDO 1S Panel in your construction projects today.

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Thanks to its WBP Phenolic glue and E1 Formaldehyde Emissions rating, the MDO 1S Panel provides excellent bonding strength while adhering to industry standards for environmental safety. The panel’s moisture content of 12% ensures dimensional stability, preventing warping and deformation during use.

Designed for easy handling and installation, the MDO 1S Panel has a thickness tolerance according to EN315 standards, ensuring a consistent fit for your formwork projects. Additionally, the panel boasts a width and length tolerance of 1 mm per 1 meter, making it an ideal choice for precise construction projects.

The MDO 1S Panel’s natural wood back provides a visually appealing alternative to traditional formwork panels. This feature allows the panel to be used in projects where the exposed wood surface adds aesthetic value or complements the overall design.

Choose the VINAWOOD MDO 1S Panel for a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible formwork solution that delivers a smooth, matte concrete finish with a touch of natural beauty. Enhance your construction projects with this versatile and high-performing panel today.

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Additional information

Dimensions (mm)

2440.00 x 1220.00 mm | 2500.00 x 1250.00 mm | 8 ft x 4 ft

Thickness (mm)

1/2" | 12.00 | 13/16" | 15.00 | 18.00 | 21.00 | 3/4" | 5/8"

Alternative Dimensions

4.00×8.00×11/16 | 4.00×8.00×19/32 | 4ft x 8ft x 0.47in | 4ft x 8ft x 0.825in


MDO 325 gsm


Sanded core or Veneer

Face Color

Kraft Paper Color Light Brown

Back color

Natural Wood Color

Wood Species


Core Grade

AA Grade

Glue Type

WBP Phenolic



Formaldehyde Emissions


Maximum Repetition (times)


Technical Performance
Width & Length Tolerances (mm)

1mm per 1 meter

Thickness Tolerance (mm)

According to EN315: +0.56 / -0.76 | According to EN315: +0.65 / -0.85 | According to EN315: +0.74 / -0.94 | According to EN315: +0.83 / -1.03

Moisture Content (%)


Density (kg/m3)


Bonding Strength (Mpa)


Mean Modulus of Elasticity (Along Grain) (Mpa)

4000 | 6000 | 7000 | 8000

Mean Modulus of Elasticity (Across Grain) (Mpa)

4000 | 5000 | 6000 | 3000

Min Bending Strength (Along Grain) (Mpa)

40 | 50 | 30 | 55

Min Bending Strength (Across Grain) (Mpa)

20 | 25 | 30 | 35

Thickness Swelling (%)


Brand Name


Model Number

MDO10002440122012 | MDO10002440122015 | MDO10002440122018 | MDO10002440122021 | MDO10002500125012 | MDO10002500125015 | MDO10002500125018 | MDO10002500125021

Place of Origin