HDO Standard Formply 1SF is a high-quality, durable plywood product that is ideal for concrete forming. It is made from a superior wood core that is coated with a premium HDO coating on one side and a phenolic backer on the other side. HDO Standard Formply 1SF can be reused many times without losing its shape or surface quality.

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HDO Standard Formply 1SF: A High-Performance Concrete Forming Plywood

In the realm of construction, concrete forming plays a pivotal role in shaping structures and ensuring their enduring strength. For this crucial task, HDO Standard Formply 1SF emerges as a premier choice, offering a combination of exceptional durability, remarkable repetition capability, and ease of use.

At the heart of HDO Standard Formply 1SF lies a superior wood core, meticulously selected for its inherent strength and resilience. This robust core forms the foundation upon which a premium HDO coating is applied, providing an impenetrable barrier against abrasion, moisture, and chemical agents.

To further enhance its protective prowess, HDO Standard Formply 1SF features a phenolic backer on the reverse side. This phenolic layer acts as an additional shield against moisture intrusion, preventing delamination and ensuring the panel’s structural integrity.

The true value of HDO Standard Formply 1SF lies in its ability to withstand the rigors of repeated concrete pouring. Unlike conventional plywood that succumbs to wear and tear, HDO Standard Formply 1SF maintains its shape and surface quality, allowing for multiple reuses without compromising performance.

This remarkable repetition capability stems from the meticulous craftsmanship employed in its production. Every aspect of HDO Standard Formply 1SF, from the selection of raw materials to the application of protective coatings, is rigorously controlled to ensure exceptional longevity.

In addition to its durability, HDO Standard Formply 1SF proves to be a contractor’s delight, offering remarkable ease of use. Its smooth, uniform surface allows for effortless stripping and cleaning, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Furthermore, HDO Standard Formply 1SF readily accepts standard woodworking tools, allowing for precise cutting and drilling to fit specific project requirements. This versatility makes it a versatile solution for a wide range of concrete forming applications.

To further enhance its aesthetic appeal, HDO Standard Formply 1SF can be painted or stained to match any desired décor, seamlessly integrating with architectural styles and project themes.

In summary, HDO Standard Formply 1SF stands as a testament to Vinawood’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Its exceptional durability, remarkable repetition capability, and ease of use make it an invaluable asset for construction professionals seeking a high-performance concrete forming solution.

Key Features:

  • Premium HDO Coating for superior abrasion, moisture, and chemical resistance
  • Superior wood core for exceptional strength and resilience
  • Phenolic backer for enhanced moisture protection and delamination prevention
  • Maximum repetition capability for multiple reuses without compromising performance
  • Ease of use with standard woodworking tools
  • Paintable or stainable for customizable aesthetic appeal


  • Concrete forming and shuttering
  • Molding and paneling
  • Foundation and wall construction

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Additional information

Dimensions (mm)

2440.00 x 1220.00 mm | 8 ft x 4 ft

Thickness (mm)

15.00 | 18.00 | 3/4" | 5/8"

Alternative Dimensions

11/16-in x 4-1/4-in x 8-ft | 19/32-in x 4-1/4-in x 8-ft


HDO Premium Coating


Phenolic Surface Film – Top grade 125 gsm

Face Color

Grey | Yellow

Back color

Dark Brown

Wood Species


Core Grade

AA Grade

Glue Type

WBP Phenolic



Formaldehyde Emissions


Maximum Repetition (times)


Technical Performance
Width & Length Tolerances (mm)

1mm per 1 meter

Thickness Tolerance (mm)

According to EN315: +0.65 / -0.85 | According to EN315: +0.74 / -0.94

Moisture Content (%)


Density (kg/m3)


Bonding Strength (Mpa)


Mean Modulus of Elasticity (Along Grain) (Mpa)

6000 | 7000

Mean Modulus of Elasticity (Across Grain) (Mpa)

4000 | 5000

Min Bending Strength (Along Grain) (Mpa)

40 | 50

Min Bending Strength (Across Grain) (Mpa)

25 | 30

Thickness Swelling (%)


Brand Name


Model Number

HDO200008041116 | HDO200008041932

Place of Origin