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10 Best Commercial Plywood Suppliers in Middle East

Plywood Suppliers in Middle East

Commercial Plywood is also famous as MR Grade Plywood with many uses in the construction industry due to its moisture-resistance properties. It constitutes firm tensile strength and high durability. This article covers the best commercial plywood suppliers in the Middle East.

Best Commercial Plywood Suppliers in Middle East

Let us dive into the details of all plywood suppliers in Middle East!

1- Saleh International

Saleh International manufactures supplies commercial plywood to a multitude of buyers. The developers use wood by Saleh in furniture manufacture, interior decoration, making of floors, walls, roofs, packing material, etc. This company imports core ingredients such as hardwood plywood from Malaysia and Indonesia. They also source from Europe and China. The countries they import from tell a lot about the quality of the products they make.

The main products manufactured by Saleh are commercial, film faced, veneered, polyester, and melamine-faced plywood. All items are available in different thicknesses, grades, and single- or double-sided panels.


VINAWOOD is the most efficient commercial plywood manufacturing company in Vietnam. It delivers to 35 different countries, including the UAE and the US, evidence of its superior quality commercial plywood.

The expert staff at VINAWOOD ensures to test the product before packing it for distribution. The test is done to each batch, so not even a single product dispatches with a defect.

3- Grassim Plywood

Grassim is an Indian plywood manufacturing company. Over the years, it has emerged to be one of the most successful plywood companies. It delivers the plywood in excellent value. Its product has numerous applications in furniture, windows, doors, cabinets, and other home basics.

Grassim Plywood
Grassim Plywood

What sets it apart from other plywood suppliers is the avant-garde technique they use in the final steps of finishing and cutting. Clients can buy fine commercial plywood at affordable prices in different sizes. Other than the regions within the national boundary, such as Bangalore Goa, they also export to Sri Lanka and Nepal.

4- Sunrise Plex

Al Nahr Al Senni Building Material Trading has been serving the Middle East countries and beyond with exceptional quality plywood since 2009. This company made its name for the strongest and the most durable marine plywood. Based in China, it exports commercial, film faced, and marine plywood to the international market.

They import good quality hardwood from Vietnam and manufacture plywood without adding low-quality ingredients. The developers can use their shuttering boxes seven times before replacing them. There is no denying that it is a registered brand for excellent plywood.

5- ADEX International

ADEX is one of the international-level plywood suppliers in Middle East. It is entirely credible in the UAE industry of timber. Based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other cities, it exports to other states. It offers several wood products, including MDF, film faced plywood, whitewood, commercial and marine plywood. The main exporting items are Timber, Plywood, and MDF Board.

Adex International
Adex International

They deliver in different sizes, grades, and dimensions. To meet customers’ additional needs, they always keep extra stock available. They have to offer nothing but strength, reliability, and durability in a lot of variety.

6- Dani Trading

Dani Trading counts as one of the most credible plywood suppliers in the UAE. It provides its customers with top-quality building material at pocket-friendly prices. It supplies commercial/marine plywood and whitewood. Besides plywood, they also offer paints, gypsum, and other products. It is more like a one-stop-shop for developers and contractors, fulfilling all construction-relevant needs.

Their plywood is finely polished with no cracks or adhesive leftovers. It is ideal for all developers who demand everything valuable, of premium quality, and a good investment of money.

7- Daybreak Timber Marketing

Daybreak Timber Marketing is a bulk supplying company delivering timber and plywood to national and international markets. Based in South Africa, this company’s wood products can significantly make ceilings, fencing poles, moldings, and house building.

Having experienced 30 years in the wood industry, today, Daybreak stands as one of the most expert brands in the market. Popular timber merchants, furniture manufacturers, and roof fabricators from Namibia and Swaziland have long-term contracts with the company.

This company is famous for offering personalized insights for your building projects and helping you choose suitable plywood.

8- Kayreed Board and Timber

Kaybreed Board and Timber are the prominent plywood suppliers in Middle East & Africa. They offer different kinds of wood products, fulfilling almost all customer needs. The finely engineered and polished items bring value and excellence to any project they are used in.

Kayreed Board and Timber
Kayreed Board and Timber

They sell commercial plywood, melamine board, medium-density fiberboard, chipboard, and other relevant items. They also offer installation gadgets like draw runners and screws etc. Having a close relationship with their customers, Kaybreed truly apprehends clients’ actual needs and delivers as per the expectation and beyond.

9- Al Fozan Building Material

Founded in 1969, Al Fozan’s Flagship company, Madar Building Material Co., is a credible name in the wood industry. It keeps its attention centered on customer demands. All the happy and returning clients are evidence of how finely this company meets the customer needs.

After its launch, it instantly became prominent, attracting buyers from international markets. This company is ISO certified and runs on a logical corporate strategy. It has 70+ outlets in the UAE and Qatar.

10- United Trading and Supply

Since 1986, United Trading and Supply Company have been a specialized member of the wood product manufacturers and suppliers’ market. It offers premium timber, plywood, and other wood products.

They first predict the best plywood product depending on the construction projects and deliver the most suitable product. They use the best possible quality raw materials and have advanced manufacturing steps. It is based in Egypt and is considered one of the best timber suppliers in the state.

The Bottom Line to Plywood Suppliers in Middle East

All the above plywood suppliers in Middle East are credible for their high-quality products and good customer service. You can choose one depending on your geographics. If you do not care about the regional boundaries and are ready to import for the sake of premium quality, select Plywood VINAWOOD from Vietnam.