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Construction plywood

Construction plywood

Somma – Learn about construction plywood, including what types of plywood, how they are made, durability, quality and price determinants for builders – builders.

Somma was fond of a piece of architectural plywood like veneer: LVL, the fancy Glued laminated timber has a variety of patterns and scientific topology. Somma also recognized that sometimes industrial plywood is the crushing of meat wood into wood chips, typically OSB, MDF, HDF industrial fiber woods .

Our range of construction plywood has been created with the aim of giving you the stability and reliability you need when working on a construction-based application. When other plywood panels can falter, these hard planks are made to stand the test of time.

Here’s what Somma would like to mention:

Cheap coppha plywood
(Learn about construction coppha plywood)

1. How to choose the most suitable construction plywood?

If you are in charge of purchasing materials for your company, you do not have much experience in building wood , so how to choose 1 or 2 or more types of wood planks to suit Which project is your company in need? How to choose the most suitable plywood product, both cost-effective, and effective (achieving the desired quality, requirements of the project and from your boss).

While the market currently has many companies, manufacturers and trading in this construction plywood industry. Shared content and articles about products are mostly written by advertisers, marketing for the company … many other issues and details …


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2. What is construction plywood?

Several different products fall under the category of construction plywood but what they all have in common is that they are very strong. Basically, a piece of wood Formwork construction is something that can rely on the strength and ability of its physical. Need a plywood board capable of standing up no matter what is thrown at it? Then we recommend making a list for Somma.vn’s build collection right away.

construction formwork wood

3. Types of construction plywood

When you look at construction plywood veneer, you will find the following two basic types: Textured and non-textured plywood. While they may look similar to the eye and even be extremely similar when their features are detailed on the specs and application sheets, they differ in a number of very important ways. Check out the types of construction boards below:

3.1. Film-coated Dynea Phenolic Film

There are also other names : Film-coated plywood, film-coated coppha, film-coated formwork, film-coated wood formwork, film-coated formwork plywood, film-coated formwork, concrete formwork … and a few The name is different, but it is rarely mentioned. According to Somma, the phrase: Film-coated board is the most common name and easy to remember, find out in detail what this board is ?!

Film-coated plywood
(Description of film-coated plywood structure including dynea film and core)

3.2. Adhesive coated board

Common name called : Plywood glue, plywood Coppha glue, plywood glue in water resistant, planks Coppha glue waterproof, plywood glue in , plywood glue red, boarding Coppha glue red, plywood covered red glue, glossy glue-coated wood board, phenol-coated plywood, glue-coated wood board

3.3 Coppha plywood

With other names : Red coppha plywood, 15-sided, 20-sided coppha board, 3m5 and 4m long, coppha plywood painted red, black, yellow, orange.

3.4. Plywood

In addition, plywood is also used in construction, the board can be used 1-2 times or more times, depending on the quality of the manufacturer. Contact Somma.vn for advice. Cheap plywood, thin plywood , LVL structural plywood using house frame, lining disposable concrete tunnels, or shielding.

Price of plywood formwork
(Cheap plywood is widely used in construction)

3.5. Heat-pressed coppha board

This is a type of pressed according to a new technology that presses heat directly onto the entire surface of the board, instead of painting as the old production technology.

red coppha board
(Red coppha board is pressed heat directly onto the board)

3.6. Textured plywood

Structural plywood is manufactured to structural standards and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which means it can be used for things like bracing. A good example of what Textured Plywood might be is Somma’s structure LVL / LVB , CD . This product comes with C standard front and D grade back with Phenolic or Melamine bonding line . This is manufactured to meet Australian and New Zealand structural standards for plywood, which means you can rely on these tables for any application that requires a known rating. Somma’s plywood formwork is used for concrete formwork.

3.7. Non-textured plywood

Nonstructured plywood possesses very similar characteristics to LVL / LVB, LVB, CD structural plywood , but has not been structurally evaluated, which means it cannot be used for what is needed. stress classification. Here, you will see the product may have a B or C front and a C or D back layer, however, this product always contains a water proof board (WPB) adhesive.

CD Non Architectural Plywood is the stock standard option, however, we have several other options available to you as part of our non-structural construction products. BC Radiata plywood has enhanced image quality, Flexiply has given you coverage for the applications in it, and our range of MDF or grain boards has always been a popular choice.

4. Application of construction plywood

Construction plywood is most used by construction projects. Structural and stress rated varieties are perfect for things like home construction or construction work where ensuring that the product will withstand is critical. Construction boards are often used for floors, trusses, beams, beams, house frames, walls, etc.Similarly, products without any stress classification are still commonly used in construction. construction and construction, although for purposes do not have the same requirements for structural classification.

The plywood formwork is the most adaptable of Somma’s plywood construction options . Although Formwork plywood will typically find uses for concrete formwork and bridge construction, it is also suitable for applications that need a more architectural flare, like furniture, furniture, and store fitting.

Due to its versatility, building formwork can be used in a variety of ways. The plywood texture is generally a choice for jobs such as floors, bracing, and applications where aesthetic looks are not important. Non-structural plywood can still be used in ways like flooring and basically anything that doesn’t require ratings or grading. Basically, if aesthetic looks are not required, these two types of plywood will most likely be able to get the job done.

plywood formwork for construction
(Film-coated veneer for pouring concrete on the floor)

5. Construction plywood properties

One important feature to note is that most of the options are built for flashy aesthetic finishes. If you are asking for something with flare architecture, you may want to grab a sheet of interior plywood . Here you will find a packaged product of Building Plywood, but also showcases a clean side produced using a high-density coating of phenolic impregnated paper bonded to the plywood. Available in a number of colors, film faced plywood is your best bet to combine two worlds of beauty and brawn.

The most important asset you’ll find any part of a Construction Board is strength. If an item under this umbrella is eye-catching then you can rest assured it will be strong enough to get the job done.

Finally, every plywood product formulated at Somma has E0, E1, E2 adhesives or Phenolic, melamine. This means tables are built to last, and is a big reason why they can be used in power-based applications.

6. Construction plywood size

Because there are so many different products that fall within Somma’s range of Construction Plywood, there are also a variety of sizes available. Our standard size sheet for plywood is 2440 x 1220mm, available for all our erection products (or our 2440 x 1220mm).

Glue-coated Plywood is also available in 2700 x 1200mm panels, and comes in thicknesses from 7mm to 25mm.

Plywood coated film is only available in standard sheet size 2400 x 1200mm and in the same thickness range as its Textured cousin.

Faced plywood Somma film is always available in 17mm and 25mm, while our Black Brown Film Face is available in 12mm, 18mm and 25mm types.

A low standard (inexpensive) plywood can be used but it is only 1-2 times the allowed weight. To understand more about this board, contact Somma sales office immediately, we will advise you on the best solution we provide to you.

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Wooden BC plywood is usually available in four thicknesses (3mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm).

Lastly, our laminate flooring , particle board and blade deck are available in various sizes and thicknesses. More detailed information on those products can be found in their respective Complete Guide.

7. Cut plywood to size concrete mold

However, if you don’t have a size that fits exactly what you want, you can avail of our sizing service. Here you can submit your specifications and Somma will type your board into the exact size you want. Just fill out our cut to size form and you’ll have your specialty sheet in no time.

8. Construction plywood with architectural plywood

Construction plywood and architectural plywood are two sides of the same coin. On the one hand you have a wide range of products that focus on the power of the building board , while on the other hand it is all about making claims through eye-catching visuals. Many products in both ranges will have some crossovers, for example, Black brown, film faced plywood that has a sleek architectural texture while also being incredibly sturdy. In spite of these cross products, you will still find that they prefer one Plywood style over the others.

Formwork plywood is a great application for construction plywood. Not too much for architectural plywood.

While it is generally fairly easy to classify something as Building Plywood – basically, anything designed with the construction is in it – it can be difficult to define architectural plywood. There are many unique styles and endings that cannot be summarized quickly. You’ll find natural wood finishes, wood veneer , and laminated wood under the same roof, all of which are fine and real architectural plywood.

To learn more about the range of Architectural Plywood, check out our full guide to Architectural Plywood .

9. Where to buy construction plywood?

There is only one place you should seriously consider when buying plywood and that is Somma. We value and ignore the operational weaknesses of our plywood production machines. It’s our expertise, which means we excel in many areas where other general hardware stores can’t. Not only do we have the widest range of Construction Plywood in Vietnam and the cheapest possible, but we also have the greatest variety when it comes to sizes and thicknesses.

When you also consider that we offer a sizing service , shop online for nearly all of our products and ship it nationwide and also export to overseas market share.

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