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9 Best Formwork Plywood Suppliers in Middle East

Formwork Plywood Suppliers in Middle East

You are at the right place if finding the best formwork plywood supplier in the Middle East is your concern. This article entails the top 9 formwork plywood suppliers in Middle East you should be buying from.

Formwork Plywood Suppliers in Middle East

Let us dive into the details of all formwork plywood suppliers in Middle East!

1- Suma Building Materials

Suma is one of the oldest and most trusted formwork plywood suppliers in Middle East, based in the UAE with its headquarters located in Dubai. It serves clientele with quality wood products, pulling off the legacy it has built over the years.

Its clients belong to different countries of the world. With specialist staff, quality raw material, and valuable manufacturing processes, this company’s formwork plywood has only become ever-growing.

The plywood by this company contains the potential to bring value and strength to the space it is used in. Wood products are available in various sizes, styles, and types.

2- Central National Gottesman Inc.

CNG is an international-level company that serves paper, metal, tissue, etc., along with wood products. They deliver worldwide with the staff members as 3000. In contrast, the offices of this company spread to around 30 countries.

Developers keep returning to this company for formwork plywood because of their customer service and excellent product. If you are confused about plywood to choose from, book a free session with them, and their team will guide you.

National Gottesman Formwork Plywood

Moreover, the variety available is vast regarding thicknesses, sizes, and types. They claim to create a world of opportunities, which stands true because there is no doubt that contractors can perform better due to their wood products.


Trusted and chosen by the top 5 international formwork experts. VINAWOOD comes under the most credible formwork plywood suppliers in Middle East. This company is situated in Vietnam and exports to 35 big countries like Canada, South Korea, etc. They specialize in plywood. You can find Film Faced Plywood, LVL, MDO, marine, commercial, and other types of plywood.

With 30+ years of experience, this company makes fine-quality high-end wood items. They have innovative technology and processes involved in the making. Moreover, the impactful relationship between this company and its loyal customers shows their top-notch customer service.

4- Indiana Plywood Industries

Serving since the year 1996, Indiana has been consistent in its distinction and high quality. This company is counted among the most widespread and trusted formwork plywood suppliers in the Middle East, based in India. They specialize in different wood products like formwork plywood and block boards.

They are very selective in choosing the raw material. That is why their final wood products are optimum in quality and premium in functioning. They believe in adhering to national and international standards while manufacturing wood items.

The portfolio of this company extends to residential, commercial, as well as institutional use. Developers use their products in making waterproof furniture and much more.

5- Falcon Timber Trading

Falcon Timber Trading has 60 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying quality plywood. They are credible for their reliability and trustworthiness. Developers choose them again and again for the client-driven services and reasonable pricing.

The premium craftsmanship is evident in every wood product by this company. They aim to make environment-friendly timber items. They are fulfilling this aim by installing efficient and fast processes that minimize wood waste.

Falcon Formwork Plywood Suppliers in Middle East
Falcon Formwork Plywood Suppliers in Middle East

It comes under the credible formwork plywood suppliers in Middle East; that’s why their wood resourcing solutions attract customers from the international level. The supply chain of this business spreads to Syria, Iraq, and MENA.


PERI is one of the world’s largest wood products companies and formwork plywood suppliers in Middle East. They are the credible providers of engineered wood-based panels and serve in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia. Famous for the most reliable services, contractors trust this company immensely.

They have contracts with the transport and packaging industry, furniture businesses, and timber construction companies. Having a vast portfolio, PERI’s potential is almost 10,000 containers as the annual volume. It means that they produce nearly 400,000 m³ of plywood in a year. Their plywood is mainly used in in-situ concrete construction.

7- Bimad Group

In Kuwait, Bimad Group stands as one of the largest plywood producing companies. They manufacture and supply prime plywood and timber items. Over the years since their launch, this company has managed to become the go-to shop for all wood products.

Their main products include Birth Plywood, Film Faced Plywood, and Formwork Plywood. Their products can perform excellently in different kinds of construction projects, from commercial to residential use.

The proof for their premium quality lies in the fact that famous brands of Kuwait, such as SUPER-X and MAXFORM, are regular customers of Bimad Group.

8- Dani Trading

Dani Trading is the choice of a vast majority of developers worldwide. Though the company is established in the UAE, they export to many countries. That’s why it can be considered among the leading formwork plywood suppliers in Middle East. Their products are primarily used in furniture making, residential or commercial building projects, fencing poles, panels in walls/roofs/ceiling, etc.

Dani Trading Formwork Plywood
Dani Trading Formwork Plywood

Their friendly customer service ensures that you buy the suitable item by giving you a free consultation. This company has many years of experience and has significantly evolved over the years. Today, their manufacturing, packing, and distributing systems are the best in maintaining quality.

9- Sunrise Building Supply

Sunrise Building Supply is another credible name in the formwork plywood suppliers in Middle East industry. This company made its existence prominent by excellent quality and premium services. Also, they specialize in plywood, including formwork, commercial, marine, and whitewood.

Utica, Rome, and Syracuse contractors choose this company for remodeling, renovating, and building projects. The professional staff, unparalleled quality, and unbeatable services of this company are the reasons why it is good.

Sunrise Building Supply aims to provide the construction industry with the best possible plywood and other wood items. Their products hold an important place in making durable furniture, vehicles, and buildings.


There are many formwork plywood suppliers in Middle East. You must ensure about choosing the right company. The above-listed companies are credible, authentic, and capable of meeting deadlines and offering high-end plywood.

The Editor’s choice would be VINAWOODs. It is based in Vietnam but exports to foreign countries as well.