Plywood Suppliers in Philippines

Introduction to Plywood Suppliers in Philippines

The construction industry is shallow and weak without plywood. It is an integral part of every building project due to its strength, durability, and pressure-resistant properties. This article narrates the best plywood manufacturers and suppliers in Philippines, with VINAWOOD being the number one.


This is the number one choice for plywood products. Along with the Philippines, its headquarters situates in Vietnam. Famous for delivering smooth and strong plywood to contractors from the Philippines and 35 other countries globally, its clients swear by its products. 

VINAWOOD Plywood Company aims at minimizing deforestation and still fulfilling the wood product demands. That is why they have implied such techniques where no speck of wood is wasted, and the top-notch product is served.

2- Santa Clara Marine Plywood

Another one of the great plywood suppliers in Philippines is Santa Clara Marine Plywood. They are famous for delivering high-quality wood products. Its plywood is strong and durable enough to endure extreme pressure and weather conditions. As a result, its wood products are ideal for shipbuilding, home building, furniture building. You can also use these items as wall panels, roof panels, etc. 

This supplying company has two plants, located in Agusan and Davao. They deliver to both local and international clients.

3- Phenolic Plywood Suppliers in Philippines

Phenolic Plywood takes its spot among the most credible plywood suppliers in Philippines. This company turned into a brand right after its launch a few years ago. By offering unmatched quality, it earned customers’ acceptance on a large scale. Not only trusted by the local developers but also international clients contact Phenolic Plywood to place their orders.

Plywood Exporters
Plywood Exporters

They produce plywood under special care and attention. After batches are prepared, each batch is tested before passing for final processing steps. The test includes finding out if the product can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures.

4- MLIM Phenolic Plywood

MLIM has a vision to eventually become one of the top construction companies globally by their excellence. There is no doubt that they are moving fast towards their goal. Yes, this company has won the trust of thousands of clients worldwide. They have many returning clients because once a developer chooses them, he keeps on choosing them. 

MLIM utilizes high-end adhesive that has resistant properties to moisture and high temperatures. Moreover, the thorough manual inspection of each plywood sheet ensures that each product delivered to the buyers is in the best position possible.

5- Ersoy Plywood

Plywood is made by layering and gluing together thin sheets of wood veneer. Every pile has wood grains placed at 90 degrees from the adjacent ones in this product. The condition of adhesive, veneer, and the manufacturing process defines the overall quality of the plywood.

Plywood Suppliers
Plywood Suppliers

Ersoy Plywood ensures that each component involved in this product and each manufacturing step is done with care and precision. They use high-end veneer wood, which is heavy and structurally firmer than other woods. Moreover, they use powerful adhesive and coating, leaving not even the gap of a speck in between. Everything is one in the plywood by Ersoy Manufacturers. 

6- Great Starway Ventures Phils. Inc.

The next one on our list is Great Starway Ventures Plywood. It is a trustworthy building material, commercial and industrial equipment supplier company from the Philippines. 

Their main product is a phenolic board. These wood boards are available in varying thicknesses ranging from 12mm to 22.8mm. This product is ideal to be used in the manufacture of shuttering boxes and furniture making. With the ability to withstand poor conditions, their phenolic board survives easily in excessive cold or hot seasons. 

7- Sirawai Plywood and Lumber Corporation

Another excellent choice for the best wood product manufacturing industry is Sirawai Plywood and Lumber Corporation. The Philippines is a tropical region with different weather like wet and dry. There is a need for resilient buildings that can endure different weather. Over the years, SPLC company has ensured its credibility in the view of developers for its strong plywood. 

It is limited to the Philippines, but contractors from abroad also buy it in the ceiling, wall, floor panels, furniture making, etc. The tested quality of this company’s plywood makes it perfect for house building. It is durable and lives a longer, healthier life without dimming or cracking its outer appearance.

How to Select Plywood Supplier?

In the Philippines, the plywood market is quite unsorted and unorganized. The companies mentioned above are the best ones to buy plywood from. If you do not know how to choose the suitable plywood, you will probably buy the wrong product even if you select the suitable suppliers. Here are three tips to help you choose the right plywood suppliers in Philippines.

How to Select Plywood Supplier
How to Select Plywood Supplier

Let us dive in!

  • Know the Application First

Most people do not know this, but plywood is not general. You should first consider the application then choose the product. For example, if you use it in the bedroom, cupboard building, MR grade, or commercial plywood would do for you. BWR Grade plywood would suit furniture-making in the kitchen, bathroom, etc.

  • Check for ISI Mark and CML Number

Each plywood manufacturer and supplier company has a unique CML number that gives the business identity. The ISI certification is more like the credibility of plywood. You should check the ISI mark and the CML number to confirm if the product is original or not.

  • Plywood Surface Say a Lot

The surface of high-quality plywood is always smooth. Slide your finger on it and check out if it hurts or not. There should be no cracks or left-over adhesive and laminate stuck on parts of it. Do not forget to check the edges and corners especially. The improperly polished plywood will be a total mess for you to handle. You will not even be able to carry it around and quickly nail it.

Conclusion: Plywood Suppliers in Philippines

The best plywood is ISI certified, is finely polished at all edges and corners, and is strong enough to put up with different seasons. The above-mentioned suppliers in Philippines, such as VINAWOOD, offer the kind of plywood that can best meet your needs.