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What are the common uses of AC plywood?

What are the common uses of AC plywood?

There are four main types of plywood veneer grades. These are known as A, B, C, and D. Within each sheet of plywood, there are two grades present. This compound is written out as AB plywood, AC plywood, and so on. The first letter is what’s known as the face veneer grade, and the second letter represents the back veneer. If the plywood compound has an X at the end, it signifies that it is “exposure” plywood and can be exposed to a bit of moisture. The letters progress like grades in school — A is the highest grade, D is the lowest. In this article, Vinawood will give you information about AC plywood and see what are its applications.

What is AC Plywood?

Plywood grading typically refers to the veneer of the plywood.

  • A-grade plywood: A-grade plywood is the highest quality and is the most expensive, as most sheets will be free of flaws. If you’re looking for plywood that is smooth and can be easily painted, this is a great option.
  • C-grade plywood: A little lower down in quality, C-grade plywood has some knots throughout its sheets, up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

The grading system is in place mostly for aesthetics, but it also refers to core layers, voids and manufacturing issues that might go unnoticed. Plywood graded A-C has one premium side and one side with visible defects, streaks and or knots. A-C plywood is perfect for cabinet doors and jambs, architectural shelving and all-purpose woodworking. The A side is consistent and defect-free. The C side has inconsistencies such as color variations, knots, burls, swirls and streaks that are hidden on the back of a door, on the inside of a cabinet or underneath a shelf.
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Ac plywood
Ac plywood

What are the common uses of AC plywood?

When you are constructing any kind of building or project, take a look at Vinawood’s great selection of AC plywood, which is perfect for any kind of construction including:

  • Base coatings
  • Fences
  • Roofs
  • Ceilings
  • Furniture construction
  • Siding
  • Flooring
Using plywood for cabinet
Using plywood for cabinet

What are the advantages of using AC plywood?

AC plywood is made from thin sheets of wood pressed tightly together to create a durable and strong piece of plywood. One side of it is sanded and finished which makes it graded “A”. The other side of the board is not sanded or finished, so it is graded “C”. This makes it a terrific solution to construction projects where one side of the board will be seen and one side will not. One of the benefits of AC plywood is that it can be exposed to water without warping or other damage.

Is AC plywood better than BC plywood?

AC and BC plywood are sanded plywood with premium faces that are specially designed for cabinetry, furniture, paneling, shelving, and other applications where a knot free product is required.

In summary, both BC plywood and AC plywood are strong and durable materials suitable for various woodworking projects. The choice between the two will depend on factors such as the specific requirements of your project, budget considerations, and desired appearance. If you prioritize strength, stability, and a clean appearance, Baltic birch plywood may be the better choice, while AC plywood may be more suitable for cost-effective structural applications.

Does AC plywood have voids?

Yes, AC plywood can have voids, but they are typically minimized compared to lower-grade plywood. AC plywood is a type of plywood that has one side graded “A,” which means it is smooth and free of defects, and the other side graded “C,” which can have some defects like knots and voids. The “A” side is generally intended for visible surfaces, while the “C” side is for the underside or areas not typically seen. Although AC plywood is of good quality, voids can still be present, especially on the “C” side. Higher-grade plywood, like AA or AB, will have fewer voids compared to AC plywood.
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Plywood at Vinawood
Plywood at Vinawood

Vinawood has a wide variety of AC plywood made from different species of wood. We can help you decide the right kind of wood for your construction or project. We have a great selection of all kinds of lumber including cedar and pine lumber.

Vinawood has been specializing in providing quality lumber throughout the Midwest for over 100 years. We are passionate about making sure that you have the right kind of wood to complete your project. Our experts have worked with many different contractors and DIYers. If you are starting on a large construction project, our experts are happy to help you. We can tell you the best kind of plywood that you need for any type of project that you’re working on. Visit our website for more.

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