Bendable & Flexible Plywood: Advantages And Disadvantages

Flexi Plywood is a highly flexible type of plywood composed of thin layers. This design allows it to bend easily into various curved shapes. Flexi Ply is perfect for practical applications that require bends and curves. Join VINAWOOD to learn about Flexible Plywood.

What is flexi plywood?

Flexible plywood is a specialized type of plywood for high flexibility and bendability  making it ideal for applications on curved surfaces. It offers a practical solution for creating curved structures, especially those with small radii. Flexible plywood stands out for its ability to effortlessly form any curvature or rounded shape, including “S” curves and circular forms.

Trade names of Flexible plywood: Multiflex, bendy plywood, flexoply, Flexply, bending plywood, bendable ply, curve-ply, wiggle wood, super form,…

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What is flexi plywood?
Bendable & Flexible Plywood: Advantages And Disadvantages 6

Advantages of Flexible plywood.

Here are the benefits of Flexible plywood you need to know:

  • Cold forming with small radii without the need for heat forming or water treatment.
  • Self-supporting structure, eliminating the need for structural skeletons or special supports.
  • Quick and easy preparation of complex multi-radii shapes.
  • Panels can be easily combined and glued together to achieve various thicknesses (10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 21 mm, etc.).
  • More convenient than other pre-made wood forms.
  • Minimizes material and labor costs.
  • No special equipment or prior experience required.

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Advantages of Flexible plywood.

Disadvantages of Flexi ply

  1. Due to the reduced thickness, they are not as durable as normal plywood.
  2. This plywood cannot be used for heavy construction.

Uses of Flexi ply

Flexible plywood is used to make furniture more than constructions. Flexi plywood is used in furniture for hard curved structures.

  1. It is used to make the back of the chair. 
  2. Modern curved chairs are used to make
  3. MP3 station
  4. Bookcase

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Uses of Flexi ply
Bendable & Flexible Plywood: Advantages And Disadvantages 7

Storage and usage instructions

  • Store the panels lying flat in a clean, shaded, dry place.
  • Transport panels on a hard flat surface. Single panels can be rolled, but should not stay in this position for long periods.
  • Protect the panel from sudden changes in humidity and temperature, and keep it away from sunlight.
  • Glue the panels while shaping them. Once the glue dries, the panel will retain its shape.
  • High Pressure Laminate or paper-backed veneer can be applied during the initial curving process or as a second step.
  • Any wood glue can be used.
Storage and usage instructions
Bendable & Flexible Plywood: Advantages And Disadvantages 8

In the above article, VINAWOOD has helped you understand flexible plywood. If you want to know more ways to seal plywood for indoor use, please visit VINAWOOD’s website.