100% Machine dried veneer for maximum product stability and performance

10-step production process

Log Harvest

100% EUTR-compliant and legal plantation logs are harvested.


Logs are peeled into thin sheets of different thicknesses.

Veneer Drying

100% veneers are machine-dried until reaching 5% moisture content.


Sheets of glued veneers are put together into base panel plywood sheets.

Hot Press

Base panel plywood sheets are pressed with heat for curing of glue.

Surface Treatment

Base plywood surface is treated and applied putty.

Sanding & Cutting

Plywood sheets are sanded both sides and cut to sizes.

Surface Lamination

Plywood surfaces (phenolic film, veneer, MDO surfaces) are laminated onto base panel.

Edge Treatment

Plywood edge is treated with weather- and wear-resistant paint.

Inspection & Packing

Plywood sheets are packed into seaworthy bundles, ready to load into containers.

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