Rooted in belief of Vietnam's potential

At VINAWOOD, we believe every individual has the potential to develop and contribute to the evolvement of Vietnamese economy. Therefore, we take strong pride and focus on people's values and hope for the future.



Being diligent is very important. We cannot achieve anything without diligence.


Being honest is critical to all individuals and a company. Honesty protects company's interest and integrity of the group.


Nothing can be achieved without sincerity. We need to express and mean what we say. Being straight forward saves time and solves the issues.

Having ambition is a must for all Vinawood employees. We have a career plan for everyone that works hard, and push hard to new limits.


Having an active lifestyle creates and spread positivity. Everyone in the workspace and customers will benefit from this.


We put all focus on our customers. We will not tolerate deviance of Service Level Agreement and our promises.