Vinawood's Film Faced Plywood: Robust, Versatile, and Made to Last

Vinawood is a premier supplier of Film Faced Plywood, a type of phenolic plywood highly sought after in the construction industry. This plywood is specially engineered to endure the toughest environments, making it a top choice for many of our clients.

Film Faced Plywood is a high-quality plywood with a film coating on the surface to ensure exceptional durability and smoothness. The film coating not only provides a clean, aesthetic finish, but it also enhances the plywood's resistance to moisture, ensuring a longer lifespan and greater value for your investment.

At Vinawood, we are proud to introduce our best Film Faced Plywood products: Form Basic and Pro Form. Both products have been meticulously designed with our customers in mind. Form Basic is an excellent choice for cost-conscious projects without compromising on quality. Pro Form, on the other hand, is our premium offering, delivering superior performance, higher repetitions, and minimal swelling properties. Choose Vinawood's Film Faced Plywood for your next project and experience the difference in quality and performance.

Features and Benefits

Exceptional Strength

Built to withstand substantial pressure, Vinawood's Film Faced Plywood provides the support your structures need.

High Durability

Treated with phenolic resin, our Film Faced Plywood withstands moisture and weather elements, offering longevity and resilience.

Smooth Finish

Ideal for a range of projects, it provides a seamless and professional finish, enhancing the aesthetics of your construction work.

Global Supplier

As a renowned plywood manufacturer and supplier based in Vietnam, we deliver our products worldwide, ensuring quality and reliability wherever you are.

Sustainable Production

As an FSC-COC certified manufacturer, we're committed to sustainable forestry, sourcing timber responsibly to protect our planet.


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