Vinawood MDO plywood

MDO is the abbreviation of medium density overlay. It is the kind of plywood that is more expensive and stronger than any ordinary plywood. It is perfect to be used above concrete surfaces because it does not transfer any wood grains into the base. This plywood in itself is excellent; the rest is on your plywood supplier to give the best quality product.

Advantages of MDO Form Plywood

This smooth and consistent plywood has many benefits, below are the most important ones. 

1- MDO’s Strength

MDO Plywood stands stronger than other materials such as MDF. Its strength is what makes it appropriate for significant projects. It involves using high-quality adhesives and wood veneers in the processing step. Because of such excellent material, the end product MDO Form Plywood is long-lasting. The structural integrity of this plywood is untouchable, even if you put heavier objects on it. Its tensile strength (the force needed to break wood into two) is higher. Any construction project can never go wrong with MDO Plywood in Vietnam. 

2- Plywood Durability

MDO is a highly double material and lasts longer than other construction wood. It has uniform strength and high durability. Its ability to withstand high pressure and endure extreme weather conditions makes it suitable for exterior use.

Plywood Durability
Plywood Durability

3- Density

Density is the most critical factor for choosing plywood for your construction project. Strength and durability are directly influenced by density. The density stats tell how good the wood is with dents and dings.

MDO Form Plywood has medium density but is denser than MDF. MDO was created in response to MDF’s weakness and inability to stand in severe conditions. 

4- Ideal Weight

When it comes to home construction, developers prefer lightweight materials. The only thing to consider is that being light in weight should not weaken other characteristics such as durability and strength. Medium-Density Overlay Plywood is lightweight, making it easier for you to transport it from one place to another. You do not even have to compromise on other features because MDO is strong despite the low weight. 

5- Low Maintenance

MDO Form Plywood requires little maintenance, yet, it looks appealing in aesthetic ways. You can use it without applying paint to get a typical wood texture. Whether you use it indoors or outdoor, the insulating features of MDO will contribute to the temperature upkeep of your home.

6- Easy to Work

MDO Plywood is not only easy to use but also soft on tools. Its flexibility sets it apart from other materials. The smooth surface of MDO can either be left as it is or be painted. The point is that the surface is already sanded enough and ready to be applied.

MDO Form Plywood
Easy to Work with MDO Plywood

Even if the construction project is vast and involves a lot of tools, the good news is screws work just fine on MDO without cracking the surrounding area.

When working in a four-walled room, the mess can get chaotic, making things complex for you. But with MDO, you can work peacefully because it creates a lesser and more controllable mess. Because it makes no dusty powder, that takes no time to spread in the room and coat things. An average vacuum cleaning session is enough to clear out after MDO chaos. 

7- Versatility

MDO Form Plywood is quite versatile since you can use it for different applications. It does not catch infections even with high humidity or any extreme conditions. Thus, interior, exterior, home, office, buildings, and plazas can all be used in the construction without worrying about the quality. 

8- Save Electricity

If you want to choose the plywood that can help you save electricity, MDO should be your decision. Yes, it has credible insulating features. These properties can positively influence temperature control, eventually cutting energy usage. The best exterior applications of this plywood can be garage window/door panels, fences, chimney enclosures, and many more.

9- Cost

MDO Form Plywood is more expensive than other types such as MDF. Its high quality justifies the high price. Moreover, you have to invest once because it does not require time to time rebuilding and replacement. Once bought, MDO can last longer, ultimately compensating the cost.

Where Can You Use MDO Form Plywood?

You will find MDO Form Plywood is an essential part of almost every construction project. Developers prefer it for its high durability, workability, strength, and density. Below are the possible applications of this material. 

1- Perfect for Exterior Use

MDO Plywood has water-resistant properties. It can stay unbothered in rain, hail, and snow. Moreover, heavy pressure of air can also not harm it. These features make it an ideal pick for exterior panels.

Exterior Use of MDO Form Plywood
Exterior Use of MDO Form Plywood

It can also endure high humidity levels and heavy doses of UV rays. Unlike other plywood in contact with extreme conditions, MDO has vital resin ingredients used in its making.

2- Ideal as Concrete Forms

Concrete patios/walkways are a mandatory part of any house/place. When constructing, these walkways are not just laid down. Instead, a base is required to allow the concrete to harden and adjust for a perfect patio. Most of the developers prefer MDO Form Plywood. There are many reasons for that, the first being that MDO is smooth and sanded. Moreover, it attaches firmly and makes the cleanup after setting the concrete easier. 

3- Interior Applications

It is not limited to exterior use; you can also use it for indoor applications. Door panels, window panels, floors, walls, cupboards, shelves, bins, and so on can all pull off MDO Form Plywood. It has no health risks since no dangerous chemical is included in an active form. 


Weather-resistant resin and wooden core combine to make medium-density overlay plywood. Weather, water, pressure, wear, and tear are all endurable to MDO. Choosing these panels for construction projects can save you a lot of hassle. The best plywood supplier in Vietnam is VINAWOOD Plywood, thanks to their friendly customer service and high-quality products.