Vietnam Plywood Supplier Demystifying

When it comes to selecting the best suppliers for Vietnam plywood, there are a few criteria we need to keep in mind.

Length of History

A supplier's establishment history is very important in selecting the best plywood supplier. Plywood is a labor-intensive product, which means it is subjected to quality variance. Therefore, a supplier with long history will likely be able to offer plywood with stable qualities.

Some of the longest-established Vietnam plywood suppliers include Vinawood and Tekcom.

Available Certifications

Certifications are very important aspects of any products. Suppliers with good reputation most probably have gone through many certification processes. Therefore, these suppliers' production and quality control processes are well-established.

Some of the common certifications for plywood include FSC-COC, CE-Marking, ISO 9001:2015, EPA TSCA Title VI. Suppliers should at least have these certifications to be considered by any buyers that are about quality stability.

Range of Products

Supplier qualification process is a long process of evaluation and trials. Supplier should be able to offer at least 4-5 product lines so that it is much like a one-stop shop global vendor for buyers. Buyer only has to worry about several major suppliers instead of managing many small ones.

At VINAWOOD, we are proud to offer over 50 plywood variations for all needs and budget.

Clear Product Specifications

It is important to find a supplier with dedicated quality and product management. Product specifications need to be set out clearly by a supplier on their established information channels.

Often if these information is not established, suppliers will try to change designed qualities when it comes to price negotiation.

Freight forwarding capability

This is very crucial to a global buyer. With global trend of freight overcapacity, it is important to be able to ship products on time with the best container rates.

A well-established global vendor will be able to ship products through a variety of transportation mode such as ocean containers, railway wagon, air cargo etc. Also, with big networks of freight brokers, a vendor will be able to secure booking for a time-sensitive product.

Customers will have many choices and do not have to spend their resources on these transporation matters.

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