Formwork Plywood generally categorizes all plywood used for Formwork purposes. These vary from Film Faced Plywood, Concrete Panel Plywood, Veneer Plywood, MDO Plywood, 3 Layer Board, Plastic Plywood etc. Let's jump into details with these plywood:

Film Faced Plywood

Film Faced Plywood is by far the most popular option in the formwork plywood category. Film Faced Plywood is widely used in Asia and Europe with species from Russian Birch, Poplar, to Hardwood like Eucalyptus and Acacia. Within Film Faced Plywood, there are many options to choose from: fresh core, recycled core, 100% hardwood, 100% softwood, 120 gsm coating, and 220 gsm coating etc.

Film Faced Plywood's advantages are its availability and wide familiarity with the construction workers and supervisors.

World-wide suppliers for Film Faced Plywood include Sveza (Russia), Shinyang (Indonesia), Korindo (Indonesia), Vinawood (Vietnam), Tekcom (Vietnam) etc.

Concrete Panel - Veneered Plywood

Concrete Panel is veneered plywood made from WBP or Melamine glue. Concrete Plywood is used in applications that do not require very good concrete surface and need low-cost plywood.

Concrete Panel qualities range from very low water resistant plywood to very well-bonded plywood. However, due to the low-cost nature of this plywood, it is mostly made with cheap glue to save costs.

There are many suppliers of Concrete Panel in China, Vietnam, and Latin America. Most of these are small-scale plywood mills.

MDO Plywood

MDO Plywood is like Film Faced Plywood but laminated with high density MDO layers. this high-density MDO layer gives matte effect to fair-faced concrete. MDO Plywood is mostly made in South America, United States, and Canada.

MDO Plywood is the preferred plywood in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Popular MDO suppliers include Tulsa (Chile), Thomasi, and Vinawood.

3 Layer Board

3 Layer Board can be easily seen from sites with its yellow surface. 3 Layer Board is mostly used and manufactured in Europe. This panel is made by putting smaller wood planks together by glue.

Suppliers of 3 Layer Board in Europe are Doka and Peri.

Plastic Plywood

Plastic Plywood is very similar to Film Faced Plywood. The only difference is face/back being laminated with plastic/polypropylene surface. This provides absolute water resistant features that do not allow plywood to penetrate into the core of plywood. Therefore, Plastic Plywood can generally last for many repetitions.

Plastic Plywood is also used in the application of fair-faced concrete.

Majority of these plastic plywood suppliers are in China with a few being formwork companies in Europe.

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