Vietnam Plywood Industry - Navigating global pandemic

Current Situation of Vietnam Plywood Suppliers

As Covid cases surge in Vietnam, many Vietnam Plywood factories have to halt production. Together with much increasing material costs, pricing of plywood has been driven up, despite slow business in some major markets.

Raw materials include veneer and resin have risen sharply due to less supply. Some countries that supply raw materials for resin like Melamine and Phenol are experiencing delay and shortage due to Covid-19 lockdown.

Solutions for Vietnam Plywood Suppliers

In this time, Vietnamese plywood supplier will really have to think about value-added services and features to their plywood in order to keep up with the price increase on a daily basis. Rather than producing one to two main items, Vietnam plywood factories now should offer a wide variety of products, of course with stable quality so they can cater more to segments that are close to end-users.

Only with this method, Vietnam plywood suppliers can stay healthy and navigate these times of difficulty successfully.

Vinawood's values

In Vietnam, Vinawood is one of the leading suppliers that offers quality services and large quantity of plywood. With deep understanding of end-user markets and wide networks of agents all around the world, Vinawood is confident and proud to provide top-notch product features and logistical expertise to our customers. We guarantee 24-hour turnover on all requests and will dedicate an account manager to take care of your needs.