The biggest drawback of birch plywood sheets are more expensive than others

Birch Plywood is a type of wood that is very commonly used in many interior and exterior manufacturing projects. Although Birch plywood does not have many beautiful patterns, it has a very smooth surface and light color. Because Birch Plywood creates class, elegance, and luxury, this wood is popular for making musical instruments, indoor furniture, and outdoor items. In this article, we will explore what Birch plywood is, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to best use it. So let’s find out with VINAWOOD.

What is Birch Plywood?

Birch Plywood is made from a highly durable hardwood. This type of plywood has fine-grained wood properties and can limit warping, blistering, and twisting. Birch plywood is created by laying thin sheets of wood from birch logs. Then, overlap the veneer layers and use glue and adhesives to bond them into one panel. The layers are oriented alternately, giving the plywood strength and stability.

Birch plywood sheets are high-quality plywood known for its durability, strength, and flexibility. Therefore, Birch Plywood is used a lot in interior or construction projects and production projects of children’s toys (especially dollhouses), playground furniture, and sports and music equipment.

There are several different types of hardwood birch plywood available on the market. They are distinguished by thickness: 1.8mm to 18mm or additional thicknesses such as 20mm, 21mm, and up to 80mm, however, the most common type is from 12mm to 18mm. It is one of the most affordable and highly durable plywood options, making it the optimal choice for various home improvement projects.

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Birch Plywood is made from a highly durable hardwood
Birch Plywood is made from a highly durable hardwood

What is so special about birch plywood?

Hardwood birch plywood is used in construction projects to make floors or exterior plywood. Birch Plywood is commonly used to produce plywood for flooring. This is a durable and sturdy material, ideal for use in deck construction. Birch Plywood is also used to create exterior plywood panels, a type of plywood designed to withstand outdoor elements, so it is often used in outdoor applications.

In addition, because of its good durability and excellent stability, Birch Plywood is always the ideal choice in furniture and flooring manufacturing projects. It is also used to make legs to support beds, chairs, especially sofas. With a smooth surface and beautiful patterns, Birch Plywood is also used to make decorative objects.

In a nutshell, Birch Plywood is most commonly used for flooring, cabinetry, furniture, sports equipment, and musical instruments.

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Top advantages of Birch Plywood 

If you are wondering about choosing plywood for home improvement projects, consider the advantages of using Birch Plywood that VINAWOOD lists below:


Birch Plywood is considered a budget-friendly choice for consumers. It has a highly aesthetic interface that is both safe and durable without being too expensive. Therefore, Birch Plywood is often combined by manufacturers with other types of wood to create a luxurious and classy harmony.

In terms of price, birch plywood has the advantage, just need to process an additional layer of wood grain veneer, when looking at it. From the outer surface and finished product, we absolutely cannot recognize which is plywood and which is natural wood.

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A big advantage of hardwood birch plywood is its superior durability compared to other types of plywood on the market. It is formed by layering three or more layers of veneer. This adds a huge amount of stability and strength to the board. You can bend Birch Plywood gently. It is also very dimensionally stable, meaning it will not deform when exposed to extreme temperatures. Some types of birch plywood are more stable than natural wood.


Birch Plywood is one of the safest types of wood when used to produce furniture or play items for children. Birch plywood does not have many sharp edges or jagged edges, the four edges of birch plywood have no flaws. It is smooth and does not crumble or crack.

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Birch Plywood has several advantages
Birch Plywood has several advantages

Aesthetic Appeal

Hardwood birch plywood is considered a type of plywood with high aesthetics. Its appearance has a certain shine and elegant, harmonious colors, creating class and elegance for the finished product. The best part is that Birch plywood allows artists to customize the final product any way they want. It can also be smoothed, or it can be left plain. Either way, you can rest assured that the finished product will still be beautiful.

Environmentally Friendly

Their abundance and speed of growth mean that they cause minimal impact or destruction of biodiversity when they are cut down, making Birch plywood a great choice for sustainably sourced wood that has little impact on the environment especially when sourced from 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sources. Considering the rate of replacement and wide availability, we call birch plywood a renewable source of wood. We should choose this to reduce the negative impact of cutting down trees on the environment.

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Resistance to Warping and Twisting

Birch Plywood has surface stability, perfectly limiting warping and deformation. This superior type of plywood has excellent screw-holding properties because the core layers are hard birch wood versus a softer wood that can spread and loosen when screws are inserted. The layers of the core are also attractive in person and can be sanded, polished, and lacquered without any staining. This durability is essential for producing furniture that requires stability and strength, such as kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Birch Plywood’s durability also resists the risk of twisting or warping over time

Stains Well

Birch plywood sheets are a type of plywood that can be easily stained. Birch has a close-grained texture that stains easily, creating an even finish with an eye-catching sheen. This makes it an ideal choice for joinery and cabinetry, along with high-end and sleek furniture. Birch Plywood limits cracking or splintering during the dyeing process, making it very popular with manufacturers.

Birch plywood sheets are a type of plywood that can be easily stained
Birch plywood sheets are a type of plywood that can be easily stained

What are the disadvantages of Birch Plywood?

The biggest drawback of birch plywood sheets are more expensive than other hardwood plywood. Because of its good quality and high durability, the price of this type of plywood always tends to be higher than other types of plywood. In addition, birch heartwood is quite soft, so it is easily attacked by pests, and it has poor termite resistance if the wood is not carefully treated and dried to avoid termites.

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The biggest drawback of birch plywood sheets are more expensive than others
The biggest drawback of birch plywood sheets are more expensive than others

Is Birch Plywood better than Plywood?

Plywood is made by gluing multiple layers together, or thin layers of wood veneer arranged side by side with the grains of the layers arranged at a right or wide angle. There are many types of plywood such as soft plywood, hard plywood, birch plywood, marine plywood, or water-resistant and moisture-proof plywood.

If you’re deciding between hardwood plywood vs birch plywood, birch plywood is an excellent choice. Although regular plywood is also made of layers of veneer, birch plywood is much more durable and wear-resistant. Thanks to its cross-banded veneer finish, birch plywood has superior edge strength compared to other types of plywood.

Moreover, birch plywood is known for having multiple layers of lamination and virtually no gaps or voids, making it very strong yet lightweight.

Is Birch Plywood a hardwood? 

Birch Plywood is a type of hardwood that is widely recognized for its panel strength, grain texture, durability, and ease of finishing. It is made from highly durable wood obtained from birch logs. To create Birch Plywood, thin sheets of birch wood are laid on top of one another, with each layer overlapping the previous one. Glue and adhesives are then used to bond them into one solid panel. The layers of the veneer are oriented in alternating directions, which gives Birch Plywood its strength and stability.


Is Birch Plywood water resistant? 

Birch plywood is a water-resistant material that can be used for both interior and exterior projects. Due to its smooth and tightly-grained nature, it has a consistent appearance and is highly durable. Even when wet, it does not soak or deform, making it an excellent choice for various projects.

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So, in the above article, you were able to grasp all the information about Birch plywood. Don’t miss out on the latest updates on different types of plywood. Make sure to visit VINAWOOD’s website regularly to stay informed and up-to-date.