Introduction to MDO Plywood

MDO (Medium-density overlay) is one of the finest and most versatile plywood. It is used for various exterior and interior projects because of its durability, high quality, and waterproof resin coated on plywood sides; however, the strength of the MDO is equivalent to other multi-layered plywood. Plywood supplier from Vietnam delivers the MDO with the capacity of withstanding the objects for an extended period because of its water-resistant glue.

Moreover, the absence of plugs, voids, and plugs indicates that cutting the plywood will not show any faults that lead to delamination. Furthermore, the manufacturing of the MDO plywood increases its lifespan. Its most important use is in a structural application, such as hoarding, beams, boxes, crates, bins, and outdoor furniture. And if you need the best quality MDO plywood, Vinawood can help you with that!

Manufacturing of MDO

MDO plywood is manufactured with the best quality thermoset resin impregnated fiber to each side under pressure and heat to produce an exterior graded plywood board. The plywood overlay permits an outstanding surface for painting that stays even and smooth for longer. 

The Resin

The overlay covering has been made from water-resistant resin impregnated fiber, ensuring 100% waterproof ability of MDO. MDO plywood meets all adhesion, construction requirements, and veneer grade. This plywood is cut without silvering and splitting ends. Moreover, versatile manufacturing increases strength, stability, and durability.

mdo purple
MDO Plywood Vinawood

The smooth resin manufacturing makes MDO easy for painting than any wood grain. MDO plywood gives a more reliable color appearance. However, primer is essential for paint adhesion because of the water-resistant nature of resin fiber. The painted MDO plywood lasts three times longer as compared to other plywood. The importance and usage of the MDO plywood have been increased because of its excellent quality of withstanding moisture exposure.

Features of MDO

MDO plywood is found excellent choice because of its applications in almost everything. MDO is high quality and more versatile than other plywood because of the following features. 

1- Damage resistant

Compared to other traditional plywoods, MDO remains intact twice in the areas exposed to heavy rain and wind. The feature of resisting the moisture content makes it perfect to be used in the exterior siding. The MDO surface is easily coated with paint and gives an attractive appearance. The water-resistant overlay has been made up of 28% waterproof resin and 72% of wood fiber covers.

The percentage of the resin further improves the sturdy and robust feature. MDO has a nearly 6% absorption rate if it remains water immersed for more than a day, but it withstands immersion 24/7. Taking into account the features of MDO, the price is justified. The high-quality product is quite expensive compared to other panels. 

2- The smooth finished look

MDO is formed with a high-quality thermoset resin-infused fiber coated with pressure and heat to one or both edges. Most of the time, the edges of the MDO Plywood are sealed with a double coat of Titebond III. Right after the sealing, the top of the surface is primed and rolled on two coats of Behr Porch & Patio Floor Paint.

The most vulnerable areas are edges that can be damaged but protected with sand. In prepping the panel, edges are sanded along with the corners with 120-grit sandpaper. The edges may leave uneven.

3- MDO Specification

MDO panels are generally stamped with wood grain designs to duplicate natural wood. It is also used as side panels and floor for clips. MDO plywood is considered rugged enough for interior application.

MDO Plywood
Vinawood MDO Specification

MDO is much stronger than other plywood; it is, therefore, the best choice regardless of its high price. However, it’s essential to go for high-quality plywood. For this, you can consult Vinawood. It is better used in structures that need weight, including shelving, floor, and cabinets.

4- Easy to paint

MDO plywood does not need time to prepare a surface for painting. The finished look is great to paint. Another essential feature of the MDO is its weight; MDO is lighter in weight apart from its outstanding durability and strength. It is quickly be shipped and moved.

Applications of MDO Plywood

MDO Plywood exporter from Vietnam offers a lot of advantages to the buyers. The premium quality product has many applications in interior and exterior projects. MDO plywood is usually mentioned as signboards. It is famous for external signs since it is resistant to moisture and weather.

1- Interior application

MDO plywood has features to be applied in indoor projects such as wainscoting panels, floors, molding, walls, bins, countertops, shelving, cabinet jambs, and more.

2- Exterior application

Because of its durability and easy application, MDO can be used anywhere; MDO is nice-looking plywood, which is why it is suitable for external siding. Furthermore, the insulating properties of MDO plywood enhance the importance of its application. It cuts down the electricity bills and provides a home with temperature control.

Applications of MDO Plywood
Applications of MDO Plywood

It has been commonly used in exterior applications, including chimney enclosures, fascia, fences, garage door panels, and a lot more. Due to its durability, lightweight, and strength, MDO has been commonly applied for various areas, including concrete forms. Practically, MDO is famous for being used outside projects because of its weight-bearing and damage-resistant nature.

Conclusion: MDO Plywood

Installing exterior panels, fascia, cabinets, siding, and flooring, there is the extensive usage of MDO plywood. However, its manufacturing makes it advantageous over other types. The resin-infused fiber layers of MDO are unique features that increase its demand.

MDO layers are infused with pressure and heat. They are designed with multilayer panels with alternative plies for increased durability and strength. That’s why it is easily furnished with a smooth surface.

It is waterproof, damage-resistant, and can survive during high rain winds. After the paint, the smooth surface gives an excellent look with durable and extended outdoor life. MDO plywood is mainly suitable for construction areas where extreme exposure to sun, wind, and moisture is expected.

Vietnam plywood exporters like Vinawood offer every type of plywood like shuttering plywood, film-faced plywood, and more.

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