Laminated Plywood

When the decorative and protective sheet is pressed by heat over the plywood, it is called laminated plywood. Such plywood supplied from Vietnam gives an aesthetic wood finish and low maintenance. Despite the development, Vietnam laminated plywood is used for different purposes, especially in furniture, interior and exterior grading, and countless other applications.

Laminated plywood is undoubtedly easy to maintain; however, the surface is recommended to polish over some time to maintain the appearance. Vinawood plywood supplier Vietnam delivers a waterproof, scratch-resistant product that remains intact for a longer time. It exports the best-laminated plywood all across the world. The structural integrity and strength are preserved by joining veneer in alternative manners.

Manufacturing of Laminated Plywood

The piece of wood is famous as veneers, which is suitable to prepare laminated plywood by attaching two or more sheets. The plastic sheets have lamination to the wood surface for aesthetic reasons. The process of lamination involves heat, pressure, and adhesion.

Moreover, the stages of preparing laminated sheets make them strong, durable, and resistant to damage. The manufacturing of the lamination is processed by bonding various sheets together permanently. Though the sheets are joined either with the help of adhesion or not, the manufacturing of such plywood depends on the area it will be used.

Manufacturing of Laminated Plywood
Manufacturing of Laminated Plywood

Attaching process

The sheets have lamination with different forms of paper with the help of formaldehyde. The score sheet contains Kraft paper with phenol-formaldehyde (PF). The barrier paper is present underneath the core sheet for protective measures. A tissue paper is infused with FF melamine-formaldehyde (MF) resin at the top of the Kraft paper.

The complex layering sequence follows to give abrasion resistance and protection. Likewise, the prepared laminates are joined to wood surfaces with appropriate glue. The plywood must go through some pressure for a while, and strong laminated plywood is ready to be used.

Types of laminated plywood

With the availability of numerous varieties of laminated plywood, it is hard to select the right product. Moreover, its kinds differ depending on the nature of the lamination. Here is the list of various types to help you make an informed choice. 

Types based on Pressure

Let’s look at these two types based on the pressure!

1- High-Pressure Laminated Plywood

The decor paper sheets are attached to the plywood with high pressure. The lamination is done with the assistance of adhesion at approximately 1000-1500 psi pressure and 280-320o F temperature. Such plywood is extensively capable of tolerating heavyweight. So, no one can question its durability and strength. The laminated plywood exported from Vietnam is anti-bacterial and fire retardant.

2- Low-pressure Laminated Plywood

It is referred to as Melamine and pre-finished board. The single and thin sheet is glued directly to the MDF panel with heat activation. The lamination process occurs at nearly 290-440 psi pressure and 330-375o F temperature. They are manufactured without adhesion and have comparatively less fire-resistant and anti-bacterial properties than high-pressure laminates. They are contemporary and easy to clean.

Types based on Thickness

Here are the two types keeping in view the thickness of plywood!

1- Regular sheets

Such lamination consists of sheets of 8mm to 1.5mm thick. The sheets are joined together manually by using the adhesion. Such panels are commonly helpful for tabletops, desks, and kitchen counters.

Regular Plywood Sheets
Regular Plywood Sheets

2- Compact sheets

The manufacturing process of self-supporting laminated plywood is without glue application and adhesion. The thickness of the laminates ranges from 2.9mm to 30mm, and they have extensive usage on bottom surfaces and decorative tops. 

Types of based on Usage

Let’s explore the two types of laminated plywood according to the usage!

1- Industrial laminates

Vinawood supplies laminated plywood, which comes into usage in industrial regions. The feature of curving and bending features make it versatile. They are specifically scratch-resistant, fire-resistant, and durable. Their use is for electrical insulation purposes in industries. 

2- Decorative laminates

These are some rigid sheets available in various designs, textures, and colors where the decorative laminates are 1m thick. Moreover, they give a final aesthetic look to the interior foundations. The designs of the Vinewood are pretty limited. However, matt finished, gloss, textured, and solid-colored laminated plywood is supplied from Vietnam. Decorative laminates are suitable for giving elegant decorative looks and protective surfaces.

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Advanced properties of Laminated Plywood

Here are some advanced properties of laminated plywood.

1- Fire Resistant Laminate

This laminated plywood is the most suitable for fire-prone areas. Its manufacturing happens by applying fire retarded resin, and they are widely valuable for Industries, airports, kitchens, store fixtures, etc. 

2- Electrostatic Dissipative Laminate

It owns low electrical resistance unique feature. It is suitable to assemble the electrical supplied sources such as circuit boards. It is ideal for public places and laboratories because the lamination surface is repellent to dust and dirt.

Dissipative Laminated Plywood
Dissipative Laminated Plywood

3- Anti-Bacterial laminate

The exclusive merit of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial attracts the attention of the customers. The lamination protects the surface from growing and spreading pathogens and bacteria. This product is perfect for hygienic zones, including bathrooms, daycare centers, hospitals, and research labs.

4- Leather laminate

These sheets are like leather and preferably good on shelves, cabinets, and furniture.

5- Magnetic Laminate

The magnetic laminate has the innovative feature of holding magnets. This high-pressure decorative laminated plywood is used in offices, educational institutions, and hospitals to grip the charts, photographs, and reports.

6- Digital laminate

Digital laminate is customized printed sheets used in interiors for giving an artistic outlook.


The plywood supplier from Vietnam produces the product to enhance aesthetic and protective purposes. The sheets are bonded together by adhesives and a complex pressing machine. So, the strength and durability are supported by placing the veneer pieces together in alternating orders. Also, the versatile laminated plywood curves easily, thus making it excellent to build doors, false ceilings, partitions, cabinets, sheathing, and shelves.

The lamination gets prepared with the unique property of electrical resistance, and its primary usage is in circuit boards. Along with that, the laminated plywood price is pocket-friendly if considering the advanced properties. Plywood prices in 2024 are giving no sight of decreasing as per the statistics of January 2024. However, innovation in its properties improves with time.