A “Micro Unit” Studio in Australia Is Packed With Plywood Storage
Living Room
Image Credit: Jack Lovel

Hunker– Unless you’re a strict minimalist or Marie Kondo, it can be tough to avoid clutter if you’re living in a small space. But Timothy Yee, design director of T-A Square, was determined to keep the 312 square foot apartment he shared with his wife in Richmond, Victoria looking spotless. They found solutions to their space woes when traveling to Japan. “The spaces are small and compact yet very comfortable and cozy,” says Yee. “Their approach to minimal zen living by combining wood with thoughtful design was definitely something that inspired our space.”

Yee started by switching up the layout of the studio apartment. “The existing studio had a kitchen separated from the living area,” says Yee. “I decided to demolish the kitchen and have it relocated to the living area.” He turned the former kitchen area into a bedroom with a raised floor to accommodate the plumbing. With the layout improved, Yee turned his attention to adding storage — and lots of it. “We have almost everything you need for daily living concealed in the joinery,” he says. By designating areas for everything from wine storage to a laundry basket, Yee created a space that’s free of clutter but doesn’t sacrifice all those little comforts that make life easier. While the couple has since moved into another home, others can find some small space inspiration by renting the studio on Airbnb.Expand

Living Room Before
Image Credit: Jack Lovel