MDF Fiberboard Application and Uses

MDF Fiberboard is a medium density plywood fiberboard which is wood fibers combined with resin. It is usually used for home improvement projects which require backing, shoveling, and bookcases. It is denser than plywood and used in building applications. It is denser than particle board or luan.

 MDF Plywood Veneer : Informational (Luan)

What is MDF Plywood Veneer? Well, I’ll give you some background in its background here. MDF Plywood Veneer is actually an acronym for Medium Density Fibreboard. It is a specially engineered product that is created when hardwood or softwood is broken down into fibers and then combined with wax in a resin. This then forms panels (plywood) by applying high temperature and pressure. MDF Plywood is actually denser than regular plywood but can be used in the same applications or those that might call for greater strength than run of the mill plywood.

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