Commercial plywood is basically a moisture resistant plywood, also known as MR plywood. This type of plywood generally finds its application in domestic purposes such as for home decoration or interior designing.

Typically, plywood is given a proper structure by adhering to various veneer sheets together. These sheets are basically manufactured using logs of woods from different species of trees as the raw materials. Due to this reason, you will find a variety of veneer-based plywood since the wood that is used totally depends upon the geographical location of where it is being manufactured.  For example, the rubber plywood is mostly imported from the South of India.

It is important to note that though different plywood makes use of different kinds of wood from different species yet it shows the same basic characteristic features. The material inside it actually remains the same, the difference being only in the treatment methods that are being employed on them and the adhesive that is used to adhere to the veneer sheets together.

Alternate commercial plywood:

With the rising modern technology, the commercial plywood has started being manufactured with the help of two different species of veneer. This type of plywood has become quite trending in recent times. There is no much difference between the two, though the alternate commercial plywood is considered to be a better-quality grade as compared to the standard normal commercial plywood.

Note that most of the grades of alternate commercial plywood are quite cost-effective and will totally be under your budget. There are other grades of commercial plywood like the one typically made from Gujran tree species that are very popular for their good quality commercial plywood though a bit on the costlier side as compared to the alternate commercial plywood.


  1. Commercial grade plywood is generally designed for indoor use and therefore are also referred to as interior grade plywood.
  2. While talking about moisture resistance, this feature is limited only to humidity, that is, the atmospheric conditions. Unlike the exterior grade plywood, these are not water- resistant.
  3. Commercial plywood finds its applications in office and home furniture. For application wherein waterproof plywood is required for furniture, one could opt for the higher-grade plywood which is known as the bowling water-resistant grade plywood (BWR plywood).
  4. BIS grade number = 303.

It is important to note that commercial plywood has very high internal strength due to which it always has a huge demand in the domestic market. May it be your interior of a home or your office space, you will find commercial plywood being used in such type of scenarios. Other examples wherein could be used include kitchen tops, file cabinets, tables, doors, chairs, etc.

Note that the highest strength is possessed by the MR plywood among all the existing grades of plywood. This makes it highly flexible to wrap or fold while for your interior décor. Making use of the proper commercial plywood always adds longer life to your furniture.

MR grade plywood makes use of an important binder to bind its layer which is known as Urea- formaldehyde. However, when we talk about the BWR grade plywood, it makes use of an eco- friendlier agent known as phenol-formaldehyde.

Note that not all plywood comes under the category of MR plywood. The grades basically range from basic to MR grade. The basis of the formation of these grades mainly includes factors such as internal strength, durability, wear and tear resistance and its tensile strength.

Uses of Commercial plywood:

1.  Commercial plywood finds its application in interior designing of homes.
2.  In situations wherein the budget is tight and you want to obtain the best output, then commercial plywood is what will help you get the best outcomes.
3.  Commercial plywood is known for its flexibility and wear and tear resistance due to which the designs that are required can be easily realized.
4.  Formation of alluring designs through cuts are possible with this plywood.
5.  Basic applications of commercial plywood include hanging lights, furniture, and bookshelves.
6.  Due to the vast scope that it provides, it can be used for a variety of applications and many interior designs opt for this type of plywood for applications like home decorations.
7.  It is known for acting as the best substitute for conventional elements that were used in the interior designing like cement, synthetic paints, tiles, metals and various other common elements.
8.  Commercial plywood is highly cost-effective and at the same time does not compromise with the quality as compared to its other counterparts resulting in its wide usage for various applications.
9. Commercial plywood helps interior designers to achieve amazing creative structures and help them convert their artistic ideas into reality due to its amazingly high tensile strength and increased durability.

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