Heat energy can be produced in various ways in the wood materials industry. While hot gas generators are used mainly to dry chipped wood and fibers, presses can be heated with thermal oil heaters and process steam is provided by steam boilers.

In addition to conventional natural gas and fuel oil, wood dust is also used as fuel for firing a hot gas generator, thermal oil heater or boiler of this type. Using biogenic fuels from in-house production reduces fuel costs and saves fossil resources. It also significantly reduces overall plant emissions.

Special requirements are placed on a combustion plant for combustion of wood dust: For example, lines and fittings in contact with the medium must be specially designed due to the high content of abrading medium. Especially low emissions can be achieved if the combustion is performed with staged air or with an admixture of mixed gas or exhaust air.

SAACKE offers the necessary expertise and the right products for these requirements:

  • Value-for-money, environmentally friendly burners and combustion plants for pulverized fuels as well
  • Standardized component-tested burner control systems for multiple fuels simultaneously
  • Integrated visualization of the combustion system
  • Pressure-surge-protected dust dosing plants for ATEX zones

Low-emission combustion of wood dust with the SSB-D series of swirl burners

SAACKE has over 35 years of experience in dust combustion systems and in working with multiple fuels. Building on this experience, SAACKE has developed the SSB-D swirl burner series, which is able to combust both conventional fuels such as natural gas, light and heavy fuel oil and also pulverized fuels, for example charcoal, lignite and hard coal. SSB-D burners are being used increasingly on combustion chambers and hot gas generators. Thanks to the modular layout, switching between fuels is no problem.

With the scientific support of the Universities of Dresden and Clausthal-Zellerfeld, we have developed low-emission fuel-specific combustion systems. For example, the combustion of pulverized lignite normally results in values of 600 mg NOx/m³, but significantly lower values can be achieved with an SSB-D.

SAACKE delivers both individual burners as well as complete turnkey plants for the wood processing industry. This makes it possible to replace a complete horizontally arranged hot gas generator with a vertical combustion chamber, significantly lowering emission values. An ATEX zone in the dust dosing area and a safety valve in the dust line on the burner will also increase the safety of your plant.

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