Indiaexportnews – The market for wooden furniture dominates India’s furniture market. Demand for wooden furniture has multiplied in India. India flourishes in the natural resources of several tree species, and indigenous wood is used by the wood furniture industry. Wood Furniture Market in India is segmented by Type (Hardwood and Softwood), Material (Plywood, Laminates, MDF and Other Materials), Product (Bedroom, Seat, Kitchen and Other Products), Application (Residential and Commercial), and Distribution Channel (Offline and Online). With technological advances, such as access to smart gadgets and the availability of high-speed 4 G networks, the online distribution channel is gaining popularity in the purchase of furniture in the country. Urbanization and growth in the number of nuclear families in India are adding to the demand for wood furniture products. Changing lifestyles, tastes and preferences for different types of wood furniture is escalating the growth of the wood furniture industry. In Indian cities, engineered wood furniture goods are gaining popularity too. A rise in demand for ready to assemble furniture in cities is the leading cause of that. Furthermore, the ease of purchasing from the e-commerce platform also promotes the growth of modular and multifunctional furniture in the home decoration and convenience market.

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