Sauna – Just because you don’t have a room to build a sauna doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the luxury and health benefits of a beautiful sauna for your home or business. Nordic sauna covers the gamut by either manufacturing these turn-key modular saunas ourselves or importing them from some of the most prominent European sauna manufactures. These modular saunas come in a variety of styles and lumber types. They are prebuilt panels and extremely simple to assemble or disassemble which is great if you plan on moving locations in the future.

Infrared Saunas

Nordic Sauna was one of the first companies to offer infrared saunas in the US market. As an alternative to traditional saunas, infrared heated saunas provide a great therapeutic value. At Nordic Sauna we incorporate infrared in multiple applications throughout our product lines; infrared modular saunas, custom infrared sauna kits, infrared and traditional combination saunas, natural infrared emitters (non-electric). We also have 7 different brands of infrared saunas that we endorse and sell from other manufacturers. All infrared saunas are not created equally that is why we provide you with more infrared options than any other company in the market. 

Outdoor Saunas

When you have space outside and you want to fill it with something that will undoubtedly add beauty and value to your property we have every sauna solution imaginable. Whether you like the classical sauna look, rustic style or a high-end outdoor design we have you covered. Importantly for outdoor saunas, it is to size it correctly for optimal heating times and to make certain that all parts and pieces are built to withstand the natural elements the sauna will experience over time.  

Commercial Saunas

Nordic Sauna is nationally recognized as the premier builder for sauna solutions in hotels, gyms spas, sports arenas. Our success in a commercial environment is no secret, we use better materials and we have access to international resources for the complete customization and beautification of a commercial sauna. Whether we are building a kit or a modular sauna we will always provide an end product that speaks volumes to the business the sauna will represent.

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