Lightweight Furniture Plywood Panels

Morlanduk – Morland produces lightweight furniture boards based on a plywood core. The panels look good, cut and machine cleanly with no break-out, are impact-resistant, and do not add excess weight.

We are the only supplier in the UK where you can easily configure and buy your boards online, with a 14 working day lead time and delivery to your door. Every year we supply thousands of individuals with lightweight plywood for their van conversion builds, helping them to live their dream in beautifully finishes custom built vehicles.

For volume supply the “recipe” of the boards can be finessed to suit the application. We have decades of experience in determining the correct board construction and properties combined with the decorative surface.

For smaller volume customers we have a product based on  ilomba-faced poplar plywood. Poplar plywood has a density of approximately 440 kg/m3, compared with around 600 kg/m3 for normal plywood, making it perfect as a weight saving option. The board we specify is 15mm nine plys whilst the industry norm is five or seven ply on 15mm board. Every ply improves the screw retention properties of the board. Morland 15mm lightweight furniture ply is therefore both light and strong making it ideal for vehicle fit outs.

The surfaces we offer vary. Our stocked range uses a “hard” continuous pressure laminate surface, sometimes called Vohringer ply. Our bespoke range allows you to choose any high pressure laminate surface you desire in order to create an interior unique to you.

High Pressure Laminate Faced Furniture Board

Morland can offer over two thousand different laminate surfaces applied to poplar plywood to create a lightweight furniture board. Any of these can be bonded to one side or both with a minimum order quantity of three sheets. Our Online Shop makes ranges of furniture board with Formica, Morland, and Egger finishes available to order at the touch of a few buttons.

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