OSB Plywood 2

Greatnorthernlumber – To meet industrial and commercial demand, Great Northern Lumber is currently supplying three (3) grades: 1) On-grade, 2) Industrial (on-grade), and 3) Shop.  OSB is available in a variety of thicknesses as shown in the table to the right.  Since OSB is engineered to perform, it is adaptable to your specific industrial application.  OSB is the logical choice for . . .

• Strength and stiffness

• Thermal and Acoustical Properties

• Fire and Impact Resistance

• Workability


The strength, workability, versatility, value and lack of formaldehyde emissions, makes Oriented strand Board an excellent alternative to plywood and solid wood. Panels specifically identified or rated for roof, wall or floor applications in wood frame  construction may be used directly or Special Order panel thickness, size or properties of OSB for specific applications. These advantages have been recognized by industrial buyers particularly for crating and packaging, materials handling and manufactured housing applications. More and more OSB is chosen for crating, pallets, bins, furniture, frames, display racks, and store fixtures.

By procuring products with the FSC® label you are supporting the growth of responsible forest management

OSB Panels are designed and engineered for numerous industrial applications including:

• Racks                                                          • I-Joists

• Packaging/Crating                                       • Displays

• Pallets                                                         • Bins and Tanks

• Void Forms                                                 • Shelving

• RV/Campers                                               • Overlaid Core

• Furniture                                                     • Construction Barriers

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