Pittsburghpipe – Here at Pittsburgh Pipe, we provide a diverse range of products and fabrication services to contractors driving pipe pile. Our piling products and services include added value through custom fabrication, foundation and marine use coatings, storage, and transportation utilizing truck, rail, or barge direct to your jobsite, right on time.

Our piling pipe products meet ASTM A252 Grades 2 and 3, modified Grade 3, ASTM A500, and other more common specifications. We have the ability to manufacture and fabricate your pipes, making Pittsburgh Pipe your “one-stop shop” for your piling project.

We also manufacture and attach end plates for any pipe pile applications and also provide and attach conical points in a wide range of sizes, shipping them to you already attached to the end of your pipes or loose for attachment in the field. Another product we manufacture is splice rings in a variety of metals and sizes, with a fast turn-around and shipped right to where you need it.

Pittsburgh Pipe helps you cut the cost on your piling projects by offering drive-fit couplings in various diameters in either ASTM A27 Grade 65/35 or ASTM A149 Grade 90/60 to your specification requirements.

We additionally provide cross sonic logging, the best for drilled shaft integrity, and taper tubes, best for land or marine projects. We can customize these to your exact specifications to meet capacity requirements and soil conditions.

Like most of our other products and services, we offer various pipe coatings like lacquer, bituminous, coal tar, coal tar epoxy, red primer and more. We also provide fabrication services for any of the piling products you order from us.

Piling products help complete big projects and Pittsburgh Pipe understands that need, and the need to keep your pipe cost down. That’s why on top of all our other products, we offer storage and logistics solution. We have 11 acres available for storage at our facilities, so order your steel at great pricing and avoid the uncertainty before you need your pipe.

Pittsburgh Pipe has incredible experience in supply pipe for piling projects, with customers like the U.S. DOT, state DOT’s, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Let us provide the next pipe and services for your next piling project.

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