Automation technology for primary woodworking machines and secondary wood processing machines

Festo – Pneumatic systems are standard and commonplace in all machines and systems in the woodworking and wood processing industry as a sturdy, cost-effective medium. Festo supplies standardised automation technology, from pneumatic drives and valve technology to service units, for all machines in the woodworking industry, whether for sawmill technology, the furniture industry or the carpentry trade.

Cost-efficient production in woodworking and wood processing

High-tech wood cutting

USNR, the world’s biggest provider of systems and technologies for woodworking, has been relying on Festo for over ten years – with success.Play Video

The function-integrated valve terminals CPX/VTSA that actuate all drives – no matter whether pneumatic, servo-pneumatic or hydraulic – play a major role in the modular design of the world’s fastest band saw.

Pneumatic drives for the woodworking industry

From single-acting cylinders, compact and round cylinders to semi-rotary drives and clamping cylinders, Festo drives offer sturdy, attractively priced and reliable solutions. Most feature self-adjusting cushioning PPS, which saves you around five minutes of setup time. In addition, there are matching proximity sensors, connecting components and tubing as well as fittings – including fully assembled into a complete unit.Cylinder

Trimmer cylinders: modular system of different wiper seals and cushioning systems

  • ISO VDMA 15552 standard
  • with special wiper seal and special end-position cushioning
  • developed for tough and difficult conditions, high speeds or loads, difficult environmental influences such as resin and ice

Cylinders for the drying process

  • ISO VDMA 15552 standard
  • specially for the stringent requirements in the drying process

Pressure cylinders

  • single-acting special cylinders with reinforced piston rod
  • designed to absorb major lateral forces

Special pneumatic drives in the catalogue

Fully automated assembly system with IO-Link®

nobilia became Europe’s largest kitchen manufacturer thanks to efficient production on highly automated assembly systems from Hüttenhölscher. Festo provides support with innovative automation products.Play Video

IO-Link® ensures greater flexibility and availability at nobilia.

nobilia/Hüttenhölscher user report: Fully automated assembly system with IO-Link®

Valve technology for the woodworking industry

A valve terminal offers an efficient means of integrating pneumatic valves and electrical peripherals. The shared power supply and control system require less tubing and fewer cables and are therefore much easier and quicker to install. We invented the valve terminal in 1989 and have continuously made it more economical and flexible ever since. This has included electrical inputs and outputs, safety technology, control protocols, diagnostics and condition monitoring as well as application-optimised and customer-specific valve terminals.Wood industry valve technologies

Click here for more information on valve terminals

20% reduction in engineering and assembly with Festo

The SCM Group relies on automation solutions from Festo for its woodworking machines and achieves a high degree of flexibility and efficiency.Play Video

With the morbidelli m100 and m200 machining centres, the SCM Group offers highly flexible, compact and efficient machines for all challenges in woodworking and modern material processing.

Service units for the woodworking industry

Extend the service life of your components and systems, and at the same time reduce machine failures and downtime. Our MS series service unit combinations with their unique mix of sizes enable optimum flow rates with smaller sizes and lower costs. Available in pneumatic or electric versions, they prevent leakage and offer reliable stop and start functions. Concentrated Festo expertise is evident in every detail and is a direct result of our integrated thinking.Maintenance unit in the wood industry

Special service unit components in the catalogue

Electric drive technology for the woodworking industry

Electric drive engineering

The Festo range of servo motors and servo controllers is specially designed for our toothed belt axes and spindle axes as well as for our electric cylinders – perfectly combined with engineering software and enhanced with complete safety solutions for mechanical and drive systems. Innovative software tools for engineering and configuration together with our automation platform and other integrated motion control solutions provide a virtually unlimited spectrum of solutions for industrial automation tasks, ranging from complete positioning systems to entire handling systems. Incidentally, they are also available in electric versions or a combination of the two.

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