Marine Plywood in Asia

Introduction to Marine Plywood in Asia

Marine plywood is a potent form used in residential, office, furniture, ship, and yacht building projects. This article will tell you about the best suppliers of Marine Plywood in Asia!

Marina Plywood in Asia

Let’s look into the details of each Marine plywood exporter!

1- VINAWOOD, Vietnam

VINAWOOD is an emerging plywood manufacturing company from Vietnam; however, it delivers Marine plywood in Asia. For the quality of their wood, around 35 countries, including Europe, the United States, Canada, and Japan, import from this company. Over the years of existence, it has successfully maintained consistency in the quality and continues to do so. 

Their main products include film faced formwork, commercial, and residential plywood. They have dedicated processes to test and verify a batch before dispatching it for distribution. Their customer service is also user-friendly, one of the reasons why it has several returning buyers. 

2- Asia Plywood Company

Asia Plywood Company has its name in the limelight for well-known manufacturers and suppliers. They not only claim big but fulfill all claims truthfully. Their construction plywood panels constitute immense importance to buyers from around the world.

Asia Plywood Company
Asia Plywood Company

The present times demand high-performance raw materials because of the fluctuating weather and air pollution. The marine plywood delivered by Asia Plywood Company is not only as per the need of customers but also repellant to all external elements. Due to such features, it can maintain its surface clean and smooth even for years.

3- Asia Woods

Asia Woods is another credible manufacturer of Marine plywood in Asia. They offer premium quality marine plywood. The components used by this company are of high quality and have potent properties. Their excellent plywood can serve in extreme environmental conditions. Thus, developers use this in marine craft, vehicle bodies, and other high-performance items building.

Their plywood is superior and constitutes insulation and great workability features. Asia Woods fulfills the customer needs in the best ways possible. Providing consistent marine plywood panels, Asia Woods ensures that their product lives a long life without damaging its appearance.

4- Luli Group, China

Luli Group started serving marine plywood in 1985. This offers nothing but excellence, quality, and durability like the companies mentioned above. The 30 years of existence set it apart from others so that you can purchase Marine plywood in Asia from here without a second thought. During these years, this manufacturer has installed eco-friendly techniques and methods. 

They aim to introduce innovations that uphold and sustain low-carbon and green environments. Moreover, they never stop upgrading their industrial restructuring thus, stand as the most advanced plywood makers of all time. 

5- Yalong Wood, China

Yalong Wood is a famous film faced FSC, WBP, and marine plywood manufacturer and supplier from China. Established in 2012, it has grown dramatically so far. Their main products include film faced marine plywood available in 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm thickness.

Plywood Suppliers in China
Plywood Suppliers in China

Plywood in thickness from 2mm to 18mm and Melamine Board in 16mm and 18mm are also available. Yalong has higher than industry standards and has its customers happy and satisfied with the products. Checking their reviews section will leave you amazed as there is no single feedback against their claims.

6- Board Ply, Malaysia

Board Ply has been serving the construction industry with its top-notch wood products for around ten years now. This manufacturing company from Malaysia stands as the largest MGO Board supplier on the national level.

They do not export on an international level; they mainly deliver to the regions within the boundary of Malaysia. Their products include plywood, chipboard, laminated plywood, and more to make fire-resistant doors. This fact tells a lot about the endurance properties of this product. Moreover, their clients are from different industries such as renovations, hardware shops, interior designers, and architecture. 

7- GM Oriental, Malaysia

GM Oriental has specialized in manufacturing and supplying plywood for around 20 years. It offers plywood in variety from construction-grade to decorative plywood, which is mainly suitable for home building, renovations, and furniture-making projects. Also, the plywood is available in varying sizes, thicknesses, and grades.

It uses fine quality raw material to make the strongest and the most durable final product. Buying Marine plywood in Asia from GM Oriental also saves your money as their plywood lasts for a longer time. Moreover, their plywood prices are quite affordable – a good deal from all perspectives.

8- Sadiq Wood Industries, Pakistan

Sadiq Wood Industries, a top-notch marine plywood manufacturing company, is based in Pakistan. This company is known for always putting customers to its priority. They aim at solving customer-end issues and coming up with solutions that can make a difference in the wood industry.

Sadiq Wood Industries
Sadiq Wood Industries

The expert staff at Sadiq Wood Industries ensure a careful manufacturing process to make the finest possible wood sheets. This company is potentially leading the wood industry of Pakistan and exports to other countries.

9- Greenman Industries, India

Greenman Industries is a credible marine plywood manufacturing company based in Pune, India. Exporting marine panels to different countries globally has numerous valuable applications in yacht building, shipbuilding, etc.

Made for tropical areas, their panels are perfect to be used on the exterior of high-rise luxury boats. There is no limit to the construction projects that Greenman can use marine plywood. They offer a wide variety of plywood ranging from Densified Plywood best for shuttering boxes, Defender Plywood suitable for furniture making, and much more.

10- Plywood Junction, India

Plywood Junction, a manufacturing and supplying company, is also from India. This company is credible for using strong faces and core veneers to make marine plywood. Thus, the final product can do well in all weathers, especially wet conditions. They use phenolic glue that contributes to the resistance level of the plywood to a damp environment.

Developers from India and other countries prefer plywood in yachts, boats, etc. It has potential use in any project where ensuring the item’s strength is the main focus.

Conclusion – Marine Plywood in Asia

All the companies mentioned above are trustworthy enough to maintain consistent quality marine plywood in Asia. However, VINAWOOD is the editor’s favorite option for high-end plywood and friendly customer service.