Mirrorcitizen – Technology of Dendro Science (Wood working) by Channa Wijesekara is a great contribution toimage 1487732395 a255b6ef36 the Sri Lankan Dendro/ wood industry, as a reliable source of correct information for the industry as well as for learners of the technology who cannot easily find wood technology basics in one local book. This book has been already published in Sinhala by this author for the majority of readers and practitioners in Sri Lanka who can understand the subject in their mother tongue. This is an evidence of the author’s vision of giving the knowledge to the majority of the society and the industry in Sri Lanka. Both English and Sinhala versions could be used in Technical education courses to teach not only Wood Science, but also to improve English usage of students and practitioners while learning the subject, leading them to gather more knowledge from international sources.  

The author, Channa Wijesekara is much more competent not only to write about basics of this industry, but also to write on any aspect of this wood industry. He is a very busy leading industrialist in Sri Lanka and also the current President of the Wood and Wood Based industrialists Association and Chairman of the Advisory Council for the Ministry of Commerce & industries on Wood Based industries.  

He is the Founder/Managing Director of Leema Creations (Pvt) Ltd., a leading and modem wood based industrial organization that received several national awards for its high standards in all aspects. He has nearly 35 years of experience in the wood-related industry, from production to being the business leader of the sector, while disseminating his knowledge and experience for the advancement of the industry. 

He has obtained most of his industrial and management knowledge with experience from higher education in Germany, whereas he received his Civil Engineering basic Diploma training from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.  

Channa Wijesekara has become qualified to the highest level of his industry by setting an example as an entrepreneur and an industrialist, and not as an expert theoretician of Dendro/ wood science who can only advice but cannot produce a simple marketable product. His overall knowledge of both theory & practice, and rare experience as a specific industrialist should be made available to the future entrepreneurs and the industry personnel. I understand this book starts from basics to fill a vacuum in this sector of the industry in Sri Lanka, moving through the Knowledge-Economy which needs Knowledge-Worker industrialists. 

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