Beauty Labeling Innovation: Great Lakes Veneer launches wood-grain paper

By Olivia MichaelPublished


Cosmeticsdesign – As Hurricane Michael tore through the panhandle, it uprooted much of the local timber industry too. Forester and owner of Timberland Solutions Inc. Will Leonard said, “This area lost about ten years worth of wood supply.”

But Leonard said companies like his are on the rebound.

“We’ve seen a 30%, to a little better, increase in price- other sites it’s a 10 to 15% increase in pre-storm prices,” said Leonard.ADVERTISEMENT

However, that increase in price is now being passed on to customers.

“Wood fence has gone up probably $6 to $8 a linear foot,” said Hip Square Fence Construction owner Tina Nelson.

She said a 4×4 piece of lumber used to cost about $7 two months ago. Today it’ll cost you roughly $18.

“You know with the trucking industry slowing down and the COVID keeping everybody from working, you know, they bring it in and we take it, they bring it in and take it out. So it is just a supply and demand kind of an issue right now,” said Nelson.ADVERTISEMENT

She adds the California wildfires may also have to do with the rising prices.

“This is not just us, this is effecting everywhere. A lot of our trucks and everything that come this way are coming from California and they’re bringing trees and bringing the lumber,” said Nelson.

Leonard says the high prices are a sign of a thriving economy.

“When housing market rises lumber prices rise and when lumber prices rise we typically see an increase in timber prices,” said Nelson.ADVERTISEMENT

An increase that Nelson doesn’t see going away any time soon.

“I do not see prices going down in any near future, none whatsoever,” she said.

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